Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Cleaning Up After Water Damage in an Eagle Rock Office

Damaged plumbing in the wall cavity of this Eagle Rock office building left technicians with several types of damage to contend with when we arrived. Because we... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Eagle Rock

Commercial water damage sometimes strikes large buildings in the Eagle Rock area. When the facilities are large the equipment necessary to mitigate the damage n... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Eagle Rock

The shell remaining from this Eagle Rock home was the result of a kitchen fire that did some significant damage to several rooms. Fortunately, the solidly built... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Los Angeles

The flood of this important building was the result of a broken water line from an ice maker. We had to accommodate the employees in order to have the building ... READ MORE

Warehouse Water and Mold Problem in Eagle Rock

This pictured fabricating and storage facility was flooded from groundwater that was allowed to stand for several days before our SERVPRO crew was called upon t... READ MORE

Commercial Storm Damage – Eagle Rock Office Building

Storm damage occurred at this Eaglerock office building when high winds from a band of thunderstorms tore away part of the roof. High volumes of rainwater poure... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Northeast Los Angeles

Early in the morning the fire-suppressant sprinkler system activated and even sprung a leak at one sprinkler head. The ceiling gave way at that rupture and comp... READ MORE

Motel In Eagle Rock Has a Water Problem

The roof on this motel in Eagle Rock failed, and rainwater seeped down into the ceiling of this second story room. The soggy drywall, popcorned ceiling was remo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Los Angeles Business

Water damage was suffered by this Los Angeles business when Municipal Maintenance crews broke a water line in the course of a routine maintenance exercise. The ... READ MORE