What our Customers say...


Thank you

Good crew - fast and very professional. Came right away after big storm.  Definitely recommend.

Cleaned restaurant after fire.  Very clean. No smoke smell.  Thank you SERVPRO we will use you again.

Nice to find a company that could work side-by-side with our office so we could continue working.  They had the mess cleaned out in just a few hours, and the rest was mostly just equipment running for a couple of days.

You guys were a real life saver.  Cesar's confidence and kindness made it so much easier.  He's a gem.  Thank you SERVPRO.

I've been working with this company for years now. I own many assorted rental properties around the city, and whenever some type of damage happens, I give them a call to see what they can do. Never had any complaints.

After the big storms in our area, we experienced some minor flooding, and SERVPRO cleaned it up quick and left our home as good as new.

The firefighters certainly did a good job putting out the fire in our house, but they used plenty of water to do so. I shouldn't have worried, however, as this team ensured that all types of damage were repaired and the home restored. Thanks.

This business means so much to me, it's been in the family for over a century. I should've known that fire damage could happen to such an old building, but I was still devastated when it happened. You cleaned it up thoroughly, and have my deepest thanks.

The crew that came to our house was professional and courteous. They didn’t make any more of a mess and everything was cleaned up when they were done.

A+ service thank you so much. I lost a lot of sleep over the fire, but SERVPRO helped out with that. The home looks great, maybe even better than it did before.

Amazing service! You've made a very happy customer out of me. My shop is back open, and I'm making more than ever from it. Thanks again!

I never imagined that water could be so damaging. I always thought that if my house was totaled it would be due to a earthquake or something. Well, regardless, SERVPRO managed to clean everything up to expectations, so thanks.

Fantastic service, thank you so much! Our living room was all but destroyed by a fire, and the damage was only compounded by the hoses used to put it out. Your team managed to clean up not only the ash and smoke stains, but also the nasty water damage that came with it. Thanks!

I own a fledgling restaurant chain, and our newly-built third location caught fire a few months ago. Their team helped get things together, clean up the smoke and ash, and help it to be ready for business shortly after. Customers don't even know there was a fire.

Bert and his team were incredible. Bert took the time to explain things to me more than once while I was dealing with this awful crisis. I felt completely taken care of with him and SERVPRO.

Exceptional service provided by Bert and Justin during a very stressful time.

We are extremely pleased with the service. Timely, polite, professional. Thank you.

Loved the rapid respond SERVPRO had in coming out. There tech Cesar was very professional. They did an amazing job making my home better.

My mom is elderly and couldn't maintain her home clean.I contacted SERVPRO and they came out right away to clean her home and it looks like a new home they were AMAZING I couldn't believe I was walking into her home it was just so clean and it smelled wonderful they really made her happy. THANK YOU SERVPRO.

SERVPRO was really helpful when i was stressed out having a newborn and finding out i had mold. They were very efficient in helping me remove the mold and the smell that came with it. I am very thankful there techs were amazing

SERVPRO was amazing they helped me when me home was flooded. Their Tech came out to give me an estimate and was so courteous they made me feel comfortable.

My dryer caught on fire and had smoke everywhere and my laundry room was full of soot. I looked online and saw the reviews on the Internet of SERVPRO. At first i was didn't believe it so i called Bert for an estimate. He came out within an hour and he knew exactly what i wanted done and he got his techs here to clean it and fix all the damage. They were very professional.

Was very pleased with the way SERVPRO techs handles the job. My mom is elderly and she had a hard time understanding there was some stuff that had to be removed but the techs were very nice and understanding thank you

I was refered to SERVPRO by a mold testing company. I called and they explained the whole process to me. They were very helpful because i was freaking out. Thank you for being supportive.

I came home to sewage all over my home. I called my insurance company and they refered me to SERVPRO. I called SERVPRO and they were out here within an hour. I was amazed at how fast they were. They were very professional and walked me through the whole process.

I was cooking while my clothes were drying I start to smell smoke and walk to the laundry room. My dryer had caught on fire. I went online and found SERVPRO. They came out here and they removed all the smoke from my walls and counters. I was pleased were the work and how fast they were.

Thank you

My home had a weird smeel so i called SERVPRO. They recommended i call a mold testing company to check if i had mold. I called and got my home tested and it came back positibve for mold. I have kids so i was freaking out, SERVPRO of eagle rock came out and set up a containment in the room with the mold. They were here for a week when they were done we were mold free i didnt have any words of how much i appreciated how prompt they were and how efficent .

I have a hoarding problem even though i dont like to admit,my kids called SERVPRO because they didnt want to keep comming and seeing my home this way. SERVPRO came out and cleaned my home. The employees were very understanding and helpful. Thank to SERVPRO of eagle rock my home is a home again where my kids are happy to come visit me.

I arrive to my business in Los Angeles to see my floor covered in sewage water. SERVPRO responded fast to my call. They were very professional and fast, they finished cleaning and disinfecting my business within 2 hours I was very pleased with how prompt they were. My business was back running in no time. Thank you SERVPRO.

I never thought I would have a sewage back up in my building. When I did I was confused and didn't know what to do or expect I called SERVPRO and they came out here right away and they really helped me. They got my business running again the next day and did a great job in cleaning the sewage water. Thank you SERVPRO.

I was amazed how SERVPRO managed the time they gave me a scheduled as to when work would be completed and they were exact on there time frame. I was very pleased with there work. My home looks amazing wouldn't want it any other way. When they say "like it never happened" they mean it.

Everyone in SERVPRO was very polite at all time. They answered all our questions and they were professional. They kept us on board with everything they were doing. They gave us our home back.

I am very pleased with the work SERVPRO did. They answered all my questions at all times and very polite. The did an amazing job with painting and installing a new floor. They kept there word when they said "Like it never even happened."

I Called to get in estimate from SERVPRO for mold they were very prompt in providing me with an estimate. When they came out to do the work the techs were professional and they were prompt. The called me everyday at the end of job to inform me of who everything was going. SERVPRO did a great job

I recently purchased my home and discovered mold in three rooms of my home. I have children and I panicked I called SERVPRO of Eagle Rock immediately and asked them to come out as soon as possible. They were out here the same day. I was pleased with there promptness and there professionalism. They did not just get here and start to do the work the explained step by step what they were going to do. Thank you SERVPRO for understanding me and being polite.  

Due to a storm I had a tree fall on my roof and water leaked into my home. I called SERVPRO of Eagle Rock and they were out here within an hour. I was very pleased with the response. They were professional and polite. They did the water remediation and my building repairs. I am very pleased with the work the provided. They kept there word when the said "like it never even happened".

I got to my store Tuesday morning there was sewage water everywhere. I own a kids toy store no mom will want there kids walking into a store with sewage everywhere. I got on my phone and no one wanted to come out until 3-4 hrs. I luckily called SERVPRO of Eagle Rock and they said within an hour they would be at my store. They cleaned, sanitized and removed all items that had to be trashed. Thank you SERVPRO of Eagle Rock.