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A Guide to Drying Cabinets After Water Damage in Your Glendale Home.

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen with cream colored cabinets and drawers.  SERVPRO will get your Cabinets right back after your Glendale water damage.

We know exactly what your Glendale cabinets will need after water damage.

Cabinets in a home easily sustain water damage because of their proximity to plumbing lines and water sources. An overflowing sink in your kitchen or bathroom can cause water to get trapped under the cabinets and wall cavities. Almost all materials that water touches can sustain damage and require some restoration work.

Drying the cabinets after water damage in your Glendale is essential. Not all cabinets can be salvaged, depending on the materials used to build them. If your cabinets are made from particleboard, they may not be salvageable since this material crumbles and swells when saturated with water. However, if they are made of hardwood or plywood, they can withstand water exposure and can be salvaged. It is crucial to dry the cabinets using proper techniques to prevent permanent damage. To ensure effective drying of the cabinets, you can take the following steps:

  • Remove all items from the cabinets to assess the extent of damage and be able to get rid of excess water.
  • Use towels to soak up excess water in the cabinets by wiping and drying the cabinet interiors.
  • Take off cabinet doors to allow airflow into the cabinet for faster drying. Taking off the cabinet doors can also prevent the weight of the doors from pulling on wet wood, which can cause more damage.

Drying walls and floors behind or under cabinetry is difficult. The several layers of drywall and cabinet back lengthen the time it takes to dry walls behind cabinets. Seeking help from SERVPRO water damage restoration experts is advisable. We can evaluate the extent of water damage and take the right steps to remove the water and moisture. The way cabinets are constructed also affects drying. If there is no back on cabinets, our crew can make holes in the wall so that air can circulate in the wall cavity. Similarly, if the cabinets have a back, we can make holes in the cabinet back. After drying, we patch up the holes.

We can use an air mover, such as the Dri-Eaz Velo Air Mover, to speed up the drying process and allow airflow into the cabinets. It offers multiple operating positions and is suitable for drying cabinets, floors, walls, stairways, and crawl spaces. Our technicians can also use Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers to reduce humidity to prevent mold growth, which is common after water intrusion incidents. Our SERVPRO crew can also perform a full-scale reconstruction of the affected areas, making the destruction seem, “Like it never even happened.”

If there is water damage in your Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles, or Atwater Village home, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is ready to help. Contact us 24/7 at (323) 255-1000 for prompt restoration services.

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Addressing Electrical Fire Damage in an Eagle Rock Home

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

A man holding electrical wire with smoking hair and smoke in the air, with burns on his shirt. Fire damage is nothing to play with especially in your Eagle Rock home. Please let us help.

Don’t let fire damage take over your Eagle Rock home, call SERVPRO today.

According to the California State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communication, 83% of residential electrical fires occurred in one- or two-family housing in 2017. While disasters like wildfires are dangerous and alarming, electrical supply failures are one of the most common sources of fire damage to homes.

If your Eagle Rock residence needs fire damage cleanup fast, certified SERVPRO technicians are ready to assist you at a moment's notice. SERVPRO can use sophisticated cleaning methods and eco-friendly cleaners to address damage from smoke, soot, and melted components. Without proper cleanup, residue from a fire can eventually corrode plastics and other items in your home and spread hard-to-eliminate odors through soot deposits in your vents.

Common Sources of Electrical Fires

  • Faulty outlets and appliances:  worn or frayed cords can be enough to spark a fire and have it spread to flammable surfaces in your home like carpets, drapes, and rugs. Avoid running electrical cords under rugs to minimize wear and tear that can contribute to fire risks. Do not remove the grounding prong from a cord for use in a two-prong outlet.

  • Light fixture failures: Always check the maximum recommended wattage on your lights and avoid using bulbs that go over that limit. Placing flammable materials like paper or cloth over a lampshade can also start a fire.

  • Extension cords: Extension cords are meant to be a temporary measure for appliance usage. If you are using an extension cord because you do not have the type of outlet you need for your appliance, talk to your local electrician about installing new outlets that are compatible.

How SERVPRO Can Help

When SERVPRO comes to your home, the team can address the source of the fire immediately. Whether an outlet caught fire or a frayed cord ignited a rug and the surrounding hardwood flooring, the focus is placed on eliminating the source of the fire and then cleaning up the ensuing damage. 

Technicians can directly spray commercial deodorizers and EPA-registered disinfectants on small areas affected by the fire to eliminate odors and residues. Wooden fixtures can be cleaned and naturally deodorized with a gentle blast medium like baking soda. If air contamination is a significant issue, specialized vacuums with HEPA filters made to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns can significantly improve air quality.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale can ensure that your home looks, "Like it never even happened." Call (323) 255-1000 today for thorough disaster cleanup.

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We Are The Leader In Southern California Fire Damage

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

The outside of a home covered in debris from a storm The contents in this home were destroyed and there was smoke and soot throughout the house. We arrived right away and began restoration.

Why SERVPRO Is The Leader In Southern California 

One of the most crucial points of fire loss cleanup from the Southern California wildfires are odors and smoke damage. Homes with sprinkler systems tend to fare better, often escaping direct damage from the flames but left with water damage and the same need for odor control.

Cleanup for recent Southern California wildfire damage and in particular, the wildfires odors in area homes needs to begin as soon as the fire department clears it for re-entry into the area. Eliminating charred debris goes a long way to lowering the pungent scents, but since hot air expands and drives soot into objects, using different odor-removal applications is a common practice to salvage items.


SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in the restoration process needed for all types of wild fire odors and fire loss as part of their certification as Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT). Additionally, when the property issues include damage and odors from water and mold, they have the equipment and specialized techniques to neutralize the odors no matter the source.

Water Invites Mold

While water does an excellent job of limiting fire damage, it mixes with the existing soot, and any airborne mold spores in the vicinity have the potential to germinate and spread within 24-hours. The cleanup efforts must remove the water and charred fire debris and dry the property as needed.

SERVPRO uses trash pumps when large amounts of water are on-site and set up centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers to bring down the ambient humidity and dry the property rapidly. The technicians have training and certification in mold remediation #CMRC-82464 and know the early warning signs to stop mold infestations in their tracks.

Odor Control

Before any reconstruction takes place, the odors within the structure require removal. This action often uses multiple methods, including air scrubbers and negative air chambers, to contain and remove airborne particles. Equipment such as hydroxyl generators and thermal fogging work to neutralize any remaining smoke odors on-site.

Smoke damage and wildfire odors need addressing as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 and the knowledgeable; experienced technicians can remove the fire loss and handle any reconstruction needs with their general contractor license #999460, and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Why SERVPRO is Your First Choice for Fire Damage Restoration in Eagle Rock

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

Significant fire damage.  Showing rafters and window We totally restored this studio after a fire- everything from the initial cleaning to replacing drywall and windows.

Call SERVPRO to Your Eagle Rock Home to Remediate Fire Damage  

Fire damage doesn't only include the charred bits of burnt objects that a blaze leaves behind. It can also include other problems, such as smoke damage, soot stains, and a lingering foul scent in the air. To clean up all of the damage that fire damage leaves behind, you should call for professional help as soon as possible.  

When it comes to the fire damage in your Eagle Rock home, it likely that there is far more smoke damage than anticipated. The smoke has a nasty habit of carrying soot and ash wherever it drifts, and it can even distribute them outside of the initially damaged area. Smoke damage can impact your furniture, electronics, and even the structure of your home itself.  

When you get in touch with us, SERVPRO always makes a priority of getting to your location as fast as possible. We understand how time-sensitive fire damage is, and how anxiety-inducing it must be for you, the homeowner. Our technicians are highly trained and have several certifications, including from the Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC.)  

Once we get to your home, SERVPRO can begin a deep clean. We can start by cleaning up the initial mess and remediating the soot stains in your kitchen, where the fire originated. According to the National Fire Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the leading cause of fires inside of any given home was cooking between 2014-2016. For emergencies, we advise locating a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.  

Our SERVPRO techs can follow the smoke-damage trail all over your home and remediate whatever damages we find. We may even need to clean out your HVAC system, as smoke naturally billows and wafts into the ventilation system of your home. Furthermore, as we remediate the damage using house-made cleaning solutions, we can also set up air scrubbers around your home. The scrubbers are equipped with carbon filters, to eliminate the malodor caused by the fire.  

If your home sustains fire damage, never wait to get help. Reach out to SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by calling the number (323) 255-1000. Whenever you need our help, we're always available to you.

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We Discuss Our Fire Damage Restoration Of Your Eagle Rock Warehouse

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Burned interiors and furniture in office building Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 because we are available 24/7, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Professional Commercial Fire Damage Managers In Eagle Rock Illustrate Restoration Of A Warehouse

You might think that it could never happen to your company's warehouse located in Eagle Rock, but the statistics say that 10% of small business owners have filed at least one insurance claim in the past five years that was related to something burning. Around 11% of commercial fire damage caused across the country is due to unintentional accidents. And, unfortunately, over 9% of non-residential blazes are due to intentional acts.

Whatever the cause of your warehouse's commercial fire damage in Eagle Rock may be, our team of SERVPRO technicians can help you immensely with the restoration process. We know that dealing with business owners and the company that is their "bread and butter" can be different than working with residential property owners. Since you, our potential client owns a business and has to worry about the company's bottom line, your priorities could be different than those of a homeowner. Whenever we work with businesses of any type, we always consult with the client to decipher a work plan that will reduce the loss of revenue as much as possible.

Most warehouses contain cinder block walls with metal trusses and ceilings. Since your warehouse's structural components are not flammable, they can make it through some fires, but soot residues adhering to the surfaces inside your warehouse can prove to be a serious problem. When cleaning soot from large warehouse buildings, our SERVPRO team starts by spraying chemicals onto your cinder block walls and agitating the surface with a scrub brush.

The chemicals help break down the soot, and the agitation helps the particles get released from the surface of the cinder blocks. Next, our professionals can use a pressure washer to spray off the soot residues after they have been loosened. Our experts can also use the pressure washer to clean off soils that made their way high up into the metal truss that makes up your warehouse's roof and ceiling. After all of the affected surfaces have been pressure washed, we can then go through your company's building and wipe off the remaining soils and soot residues with a dry cloth.

Warehouse fires can disrupt your business operations, but if you call in our team of expert technicians, we can come up with ways to minimize the negative impacts the blaze has on your company's bottom line. To receive our assistance with your restoration project, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 because we are available 24/7, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Can Save Your Home In Glendale After A Flood

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged kitchen with floating debris “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage In Glendale – Falling Trees Punch Hole In Roof

Many storms come with high winds and lots of rain. The wind can topple trees onto the roof of homes and businesses, allowing water to flood into the building. Very quickly, everything is wet with water pouring throughout the home or business. There is a lot of damage. When the storm is over, you need help.

SERVPRO responds to flood damage events of all kinds in Glendale. Our teams can be deployed on a 24 -hour basis to assist owners, to control the damage and begin the restoration and cleanup process. Our first task is to assess the situation, make sure everyone is safe, and review the building for any potential safety hazards.

Flood Mitigation
A roof puncture allows water, debris, and even rodents to enter the home. Our first task often is to arrange for debris removal and place tarps on the roof. Our objective is to prevent further water and debris from entering.

SERVPRO removes furniture and contents to a staging area for cleaning and drying. These items are stored in the staging area until it is time to return these items to their original location.

Water and Moisture Removal
Water from flood damage caused by storms can penetrate walls, ceilings, and of course flooring materials. Drywall and carpeting absorb and retain moisture. Some carpets may separate from the backing material, which is called delamination. These carpets and underpad cannot be repaired.

We remove drywall past the waterline. Ceilings and insulation may also be removed in the areas where water poured in through the roof. Drying of structures then begins. We aim to minimize the tear-out and reconstruction work required on your property.

We are licensed (General Contractor License) to provide restoration services for full structural damage repair and rebuild. Our team can provide a total coordinated response to restore your home or business, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 for 24/7 service. We serve the towns of Atwater Village, Highland Park, Northeast Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation Success in Glendale

9/15/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged living room If water damage or flooding affects a room in your home, it's time to call SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Water Cleanup Glendale – Minimizing Damage to Your Property

Many property owners start water cleanup before realizing that the job is just too big to do by themselves. Contents remain wet for too long a period. Mold may start to appear, and some items may be permanently damaged if not dried quickly. Business owners understand that fast reaction to water damage can minimize the time they're out of commission.

SERVPRO encourages clients with water cleanup in Glendale to call us immediately. We can respond with 24-hour emergency services. Our focus is to mitigate the amount of water damage, save your contents, and return your home or office to its original condition. "Like it never even happened," as quickly as possible.

Fast Response

The more time contents and structures are exposed to water; the greater the damage is going to be. Carpets may separate from the backing. Moisture may seep into drywall requiring removal of baseboards and some or all of the walls. Fabrics and documents are soaked and in some situations, may not be recoverable.

Our crew chief quickly assesses the situation and deploys water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers to dry your home or office. He may need to set up a separate staging area to move your wet contents for further processing and drying. The staging area may be in another part of your home or office or at our SERVPRO facilities. SERVPRO discusses all proposals with our client before implementing.

Full Reconstruction and Building Repair Services

The quick response, the deployment of equipment, resources, staging, and attention to detail all contribute to minimizing the overall damage. On occasion, removal of carpeting, structural elements, and more may be needed. Our SERVPRO franchise can provide a full range of reconstruction services. We are licensed (General Contractor License #: 999460) and provide restoration services for full structural damage repair and rebuild services.

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Atwater Village, Highland Park, Northeast Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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We Discuss Tips For Cleaning Up Your Glendale Home After A Fire

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

furniture in room after burned by fire with smoke damage We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Tips For Cleaning Up Your Glendale Residential After Fire Damage

Your Glendale home should be one place where you can always feel safe, regardless of what happens to you out in the world. However, a fire offers the opposite. A house fire may occur because of various reasons, including leakage of cooking gas, overloaded electrical outlets and short-circuiting. Our SERVPRO restoration team is dedicated to bringing the feeling of comfort back to your home quickly.

When your Glendale property has fire damage, there are certain things you can do to prevent further destruction to your property and its contents. One is disposing of food items that have been exposed to smoke and heat. Throw away even the canned food because excessive heat can ruin the food inside the cans.

It is also essential to create a list of the damaged items for insurance claims purposes. To get a full claim of your loss, create a list containing the description of the damaged items, their estimated date of purchase, brand name, and price. Also, take photos of the ruined items to act as proof for the insurance firm.

Another thing you can do is to remove soot from items exposed to smoke. For instance, the fire may not have ruined the furniture, but it may be filled with soot. Do not use water to wash the residue. Instead, use a dry cloth to clean it. You should also remove smoke from your home by opening all the windows and switching on fans that increase air circulation.

Seeking the help of SERVPRO fire restoration specialists is vital because some tasks involved in restoring a home to its preloss state are difficult to handle. For instance, dealing with water damage resulting from firefighting efforts can be daunting. Moisture can cause mold to spread, which can cause health problems and contaminate carpets, furniture, mattresses, walls, and clothing. Our technicians can remove the water using wet/dry vacuums and then use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas.

Our Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT) can also remove smoke residues from the exterior and interior surfaces of your home. We can use different mechanical actions to produce friction to agitate and loosen smoke residues. In certain situations, mechanical action can remove residues without applying cleaning products. Dry smoke can produce light concentrations of non-greasy smoke particles, and we can clean them from nonporous surfaces through mechanical action. Some items we use to produce mild agitation and are safe to apply on most surfaces including:

    •    Brushes
    •    Feather dusters
    •    Vacuums
    •    Compressed air

Smoke residues also usually give off smoke odors. We can use various professional products to deodorize your home. They include odor counteracting beads, deodorant granules or pellets, and water-based odor counteractants.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale has the expertise to restore buildings to their peak state after fire disasters. Contact our team today at (323) 255-1000 for quick fire restoration services in Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles, and Atwater Village.

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What is Secondary Damage From a Broken Water Pipe in Glendale

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold behind wallpaper Water leaks can cause mold growth. Call SERVPRO if you experience water damage in your home.

Performing Water Removal in Your Glendale Residence Quickly Can Prevent Further Damage 

A mishap such as frozen or broken plumbing can cause water to pool in different parts of your Glendale home. It is critical to stop the source of the leak before the water spreads to the whole house. To control water damage, you need effective water removal. You can seek expert help to remove all the water from your home. 

If you are dealing with a water intrusion incident, do not worry. SERVPRO has the skills and tools to perform water removal in your Glendale residence. Water can destroy drywall, cabinets, furniture, floors, and upholstery. If you do not remove the water quickly, it can lead to moist conditions which increase the chance of mold infestation. Do not let a water loss situation develop into a big, expensive problem. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can fix the issue as quickly as possible. To offer effective water removal services, we take a few steps, such as:       

  • Determining the source of the leak
  • Checking the extent of damage to contain the affected areas
  • Removing ruined materials
  • Extracting the water, drying, and decontaminating the affected areas 

We know the importance of keeping the cost of water damage restoration low. Therefore, our technicians extract the water as fast as possible to expedite the drying process and reduce the chances of secondary damage like mold growth occurring. We use the right equipment depending on the extent of the damage. 

We use portable pumps that help us extract the water in a home. If the standing water in your home is over two inches deep, we use a submersible pump with adequate volume capacity and lift capacity. We pump water directly into a treated sewer like a septic system or toilet. It is also crucial to dry a house and its contents quickly. Some factors that affect the time required to dry a building and its contents are: 

  • Humidity
  • Air movement
  • The amount of water that needs evaporating
  • Temperature 

We control these factors to achieve successful drying. Our technicians remove as much water as possible, maintain the relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent, keep the temperature between 70 and 80 degrees, and move wet air away from surfaces. 

Our technicians use tools such as hygrometers and moisture detectors to measure the level of moisture in walls and ceilings. If there is moisture in the walls and ceilings, we create an all-inclusive drying plan to eliminate it. We also treat furniture and carpets right away to prevent microbial growth. We have the expertise to make the water damage seem “Like it never even happened.”   

If a water loss incident has happened in your Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles or Atwater Village property, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/ South Glendale can help you restore it to the preloss state. You can reach us at (323) 255-1000 for prompt restoration services. 

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Our Team is Prepared to Restore Your Glendale Home After A Fire Damage Disaster

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can appear anywhere in your home. Call the remediation specialists at SERVPRO today for assistance.

Best Approach for Fire Damage Assessment in Your Glendale Home

Many Glendale homeowners seek to save their money whenever possible, and especially after devastating circumstances like fire loss incidents, this practice is even more critical. While there are aspects of fire recovery that even untrained homeowners can oversee and complete, more complicated tasks can prove dangerous or more destructive if not performed correctly and quickly. Our professionals have accreditation through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), which keeps the entire response team up to date with the latest practices, equipment, and products to make even damage assessment happen efficiently.

Fire damage in Glendale homes can be much more profound than cosmetic concerns. Many of the lingering issues after even a small fire gets extinguished are not discernible to the naked eye, and therefore get overlooked without the appropriate training and experience our SERVPRO professionals have. The excessive temperatures of residential fires can alter the composition and integrity of exposed materials, requiring a thorough inspection and assessment to determine their threat level.

Knowledge provides confidence and peace of mind to our customers and gives our SERVPRO team a foundation to formulate the tailored plan of restoration explicitly designed for the individual property in question. While many homeowners mistakenly believe that damage assessment is little more than a smokescreen for higher upcharges or finding problems that do not exist, we have an honest and earnest approach to our recovery work to protect our clients and their properties – which includes the out of pocket expenses involved.

Inspections must happen as quickly as possible because there are multiple layers of effects and threats that exist in the property, the most pressing of which is structural failure and deterioration. It does not take long for compromised construction materials to become too weak to function correctly, which can result in injuries when these elements collapse under the weight of inspectors.  

Secondly, contents within the property can become more and more damaged without the appropriate intervention of our trained team. A thorough assessment of the property earmarks these compromised possessions for removal to our facility for focused cleaning, deodorization, and safe storage until they can get returned.

While it might be tempting to oversee the inspection and assessment of your fire-damaged home on your own, there are many concerns to this approach as well. A safe practice is to trust your property to the experienced hands of our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale fire recovery team. Give us a call anytime at (323) 255-1000.

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