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Did You Discover Mold in Your Glendale Home? Call SERVPRO!

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Did You Discover Mold in Your Glendale Home?  Call SERVPRO! Often mold colonies are hidden behind things like wall paper. Inspect your home often for signs of mold damage.

Drying and Mold Removal for Glendale Homes

When moist and damp conditions persist in specific areas of your Glendale home, various types of damages can result. While saturation of structural elements can lead to weakening and erosion on its own, a more significant concern is the possibility of mold and microbial growth. Finding a way to battle this organism once it has begun to colonize throughout the property is nothing that the average homeowner can handle on their own. Our remediation professionals can help to remove these colonies and restore the damage that the destructive organism can cause.

While you might understand the severity of finding mold damage in areas of your Glendale home, you might not understand the process to remove it entirely and return the property to its original condition. Our SERVPRO professionals undergo extensive training and ongoing education to be leading experts in the restoration and remediation field, offering modern solutions to effectively and efficiently restore properties impacted by mold growth.

Moist conditions allow for these situations to occur in the first place, so as part of the containment and mitigation strategies for mold-damaged homes, our professionals work to dry out affected areas quickly. With a wide range of available equipment at the disposal of our highly-trained SERVPRO technicians, we utilize machines like air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels far below acceptable parameters to eliminate the ideal conditions for further colonization.

Removal of the mold growth itself can happen in many ways as well. The choice between approaches like sanding, soda blasting, an antimicrobial solution, and removal of the material depends on the severity of the damage and the type of material affected by the organism. Our SERVPRO professionals can arrive quickly, 24 hours a day, to assess the right approach to remove mold growth from your home fast.

The discovery of mold growth in your home can be alarming and leave homeowners quickly searching for answers. Our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale remediation technicians can arrive quickly, 24/7, to provide our expertise and industry-leading equipment. Give us a call today at (818) 244-6005.

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SERVPRO Can Manage the Damage of Mold In Your Glendale Home

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO Can Manage the Damage of Mold In Your Glendale Home Mold like this needs immediate attention, call SERVPRO, they are the experts.

Injectidry systems and Esporta Washing Machines in Glendale Mold Damage Services

The buildup of moisture in cavities around the home is hard to spot and even harder to stop. After water damage or heavy rainfall, wet spots can become a breeding ground for mold spores. These microscopic fungi are a natural part of the home environment but can become a problem when water is present. In the right conditions, mold spores can form colonies in as little as forty-eight hours and require professional remediation. 

The impact of mold damage in Glendale properties can be widespread. Mold colonies spread rapidly and can cause health problems. SERVPRO is a local provider with IICRC certificate holders in mold assessment and remediation. In most cases, the sight and smell of mold are enough to justify a restoration procedure. If you suspect mold growth, you can always call us on our 24-hour emergency helpline to arrange a service within four hours of notification of loss. 

On arrival, SERVPRO technicians can assess the scope and breadth of the task at hand. The surface appearance of a mold may be the tip of the iceberg, so expertise is essential to finding the source of colonies- usually a damp spot or leaking pipes. Where the source of mold is hidden inside wall cavities, we can bring in industrial grade injectridry systems to help air and dry the wall. 

Injectridry systems are expensive and not all restoration providers have access to this type of equipment. We use them because they can be beneficial when it comes to restoring a property to its preloss conditions. The system itself uses injectors spaced apart by four inches at a time. By drilling small holes into the wall, a SERVPRO technician is capable of using this equipment to fully air and dry any moisture that could be causing mold growth. 

As a rule of thumb, mold tends to impact fabrics worse dense materials. The porous nature of fabrics often results in mold being absorbed into the fabric itself. Using industrial grade Esporta washing machines we may be able to save your precious fabrics and restore them to a satisfactory preloss condition. Your SERVPRO technician can help you to make an itinerary of any possessions that are packed out to an external facility for deep cleaning.

Making the damage "like it never even happened," requires patience and expertise. Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale (818) 244-6005 today.

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SERVPRO is Equipped to Restore Your Flood Damaged Glendale Home

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO is Equipped to Restore Your Flood Damaged Glendale Home Floodwater contaminates all surfaces in kitchens. Call SERVPRO to assist you with getting your kitchen back to cooking!

Why SERVPRO Uses Air Scrubbers During Flood Damage Mitigation in Glendale

When Glendale property owners find their home or condo taking on water, the first thing many do is place their most valuable items on upper levels of the home. Relocating possessions can protect items that a person can easily carry, but other items, like appliances and furniture, can pose a more difficult situation, both during the flooding incident and afterward.  

There are a few reasons why SERVPRO uses air scrubbers during any work involving mitigation and cleanup of flood damage in Glendale. The multitude of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that enter a home during a flood often multiply rapidly afterward. Within 24 to 48 hours, microbes like mold and mildew can become visible on walls and other areas of the home. These diverse microscopic organisms can cause unwanted health effects in people and pets. The use of HEPA filters on our air scrubbers eliminates these from your property, providing adequate protection from any airborne microorganisms.  

Our air scrubbers clean the air, which can hold any microbes that entered the air as the floodwater evaporated. We also must prepare other areas of your home by ensuring they also become clean again, “Like it never even happened.” During the other aspects of our flood damage mitigation, we use in-house cleaning agents explicitly developed for eliminating pathogens on surfaces.  

Countertops, tubs and sinks, glass doors and affected windows, and concrete areas can all retain enough moisture to keep microbial populations viable. Cleaning these with plain soap or detergent and water might permit many of the hardier microbes to survive. We use more effective cleansers, coupled with highly effective cleaning techniques, to remove them from surfaces.  

Removing as many potential pathogens as possible becomes crucial in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens can become affected by pathogens from any food in refrigerators or freezers that thawed and began decomposing after the flood. Even canned goods can become compromised during such an event. While not capable of making anyone ill unless consumed, we dispose of all these food items for our customers and provide a complete listing of the loss. We want to work with you and your family to help you recover as quickly as possible after flood damage.  

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale can be reached at (818) 244-6005 after your property becomes affected by flood damage. Our specialized teams have IICRC certifications in the fields of mitigating such damage from your home and making things safe again.

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How Our Specialists Use Dry Ice In Our Mold Remediation Process In Glendale

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Our Specialists Use Dry Ice In Our Mold Remediation Process In Glendale One of the many ways that SERVPRO fights mold damage in Glendale homes is with the help of a process known as dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice Blasts Away Mold Damage In Glendale

One of the many ways that SERVPRO fights mold damage in Glendale homes is with the help of a process known as dry ice blasting. Although the name can, for many people, conjure up frightening images of home damage at the hands of inexperienced repair crews, dry ice blasting is, in reality, a safe and effective tool to remove mold from surfaces. To understand how and why we use this technique in local homes, you should first know a bit more about how it works.

Dry ice blasting is particularly useful for cleaning mold damage in Glendale thanks to its chemical makeup. Dry ice is composed of carbon dioxide that has been frozen to extremely low temperatures, without any water added to the mix. So, when we use pressurized air to blast small pellets of dry ice onto patches of mold growth, we can remove spores from the surface without causing any water damage to the area. Furthermore, water can sometimes be helpful rather than harmful to mold growth and is generally not a recommended base for cleaning solutions used on fungi. Rather than melting, dry ice sublimates or converts directly from a solid to a gas. Thus, we can clean relatively large areas of your home without any risk of causing more damage.

Our dry ice blasters use shavings and pellets of dry coupled with pressurized air to scrape mold spores off of your walls, floors, and other home surfaces down to the microscopic level. Although this process can cause minor damage to some materials if done improperly, our technicians are all trained and certified to know when to use these tools and what their limits are. Due to the loud noises and potential for flying debris, we urge you to keep clear of our technicians whenever they are using our blasting machines.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale uses cutting-edge technology to provide the best restoration services possible for your home. Call us at (818) 244-6005 for our help.

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Space Heaters Can Cause Significant Fire Damage Issues In Your Glendale Home!

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Space Heaters Can Cause Significant Fire Damage Issues In Your Glendale Home! Faulty space heaters can become a severe fire damage hazard when left unattended inside of your home.

A Malfunctioning Space Heater Can Cause Fire Damage In Your Glendale Home

Faulty space heaters can become a severe fire damage hazard when left unattended inside of your home. As the temperature drops and homes become chillier, many people seek out space heaters to keep a drafty section of their house warm. Your living room is wide open and quite chilly during the winter, so plugging in your old heater seemed rather harmless. However, the damaged cord of your appliance caused a fire to break out while you worked in your home office. The heavy curtains covering the window behind the heater burnt up and soot covered the armchair.

While the flames may have been relatively easy to put out with the extinguisher that you keep inside of your home, it is unwise not to call for help remediating the fire damage inside your Glendale home. Putting out the fire is only the first step of fixing the problem. The soot, smoke, and grime that is left behind by fire are also capable of causing damage to the structure and your belongings. Calling for professional help as soon as possible can help ensure that the fire damage inside of your home is remediated smoothly.

SERVPRO always strives to get to your home in a timely fashion. As soon as we receive your call, we begin to assemble a team and then leave our facility as soon as possible. We understand that the faster fire damage is seen to, the better it is for the remediation process.

SERVPRO can start with cleaning up the leftovers of burnt fabric left behind by your curtains. Once the remainder of the curtains is removed, our team of IICRC-certified technicians can begin to clean the greasy soot off the wall and your armchair. We can use a lubricative-solution to spray onto the soot, breaking down the surface grime and lifting it from the paint below. Your armchair can be deep-cleaned with a solution used for fabric.

Once the soot is gone, the only task left for SERVPRO to attend to is the foul odor. Our technicians can use a thermal fogger to rid your home of the scent that fire leaves behind. Once the particles are neutralized, you can return to your home as if it was in its preloss state.

If a fire occurs and causes damage, minor or extensive, don't hesitate to get help. Phone SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by calling (818) 244-6005. Our technicians are ready to help you!

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Some of the Biggest Problems With Mold in Glendale Result From Delayed Action

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Some of the Biggest Problems With Mold in Glendale Result From Delayed Action When you see or smell signs of mold in your home, call SERVPRO for effective remediation services. Contact us right away to stop the spread.

Why Industry Leading Training Makes SERVPRO the Choice for Mold Damage Remediation in Glendale

So you begin to notice a distinctive musty odor in some regions of the house. As you search for the source, you move around furniture in the offending area, and sure enough, there it is mold. The discovery of mold in the home is not uncommon and should not be a cause to panic. We have all heard horror stories of Black mold or infestations that have required thousands of dollars in remodeling work. However, the truth is that in the vast majority of cases, all you have to do is make a simple phone call.

Removing mold damage in Glendale properties does require professional help. Although, it does not often require full-scale mold testing in a laboratory. The visible signs and odors of the mold are enough to pick up the phone and ring SERVPRO. We are one of the leading services for mold restoration because we operate locally and have access to national-level resources.

Why do national resources matter? The answer is simple. Proper mold remediation requires skill and training. SERVPRO employs technicians that hold IICRC certificates in mold assessment, applied structural drying and mold remediation. These come together to form a three-pronged skillset that is essential to completing a service correctly. Not only that, but we are also available 24 hours a day on our emergency call line.

Removing the visible signs of mold is not enough by itself. To fully restore a home it is necessary to find the source, usually a damp spot or leak that is creating the conditions for mold spores to proliferate. SERVPRO technicians use their mold assessment training to locate the source and either fix a leaking pipe or use their applied structural drying training to help remove the damage. Without taking this crucial step, the mold can return again and again.

SERVPRO technicians use their mold remediation certification to ensure the damage is removed and to prevent it from spreading into other areas of the home. Agitation is an effective method, but the nature of it can lead to spores becoming airborne and settling elsewhere. We quarantine the affected area using a physical barrier, like plastic sheeting, or by applying negative air pressure.

All in all, our advanced training helps us to provide a better service to our community here in Glendale and the surrounding area. Book a service by calling SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (818) 244-6005 today.

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Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation in Glendale

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation in Glendale Water damage is something that can happen very quickly and requires immediate attention. Contact SERVPRO should your home have excess water.

WHY SERVPRO Has a Proven Record in Water Removal in Glendale and Its Environs

There are strong reasons as to WHY SERVPRO is considered a reliable water removal service provider. Like any other field, the cleaning and restoration industry has seen a rapid advancement in the employed techniques and technology. We understand we have to keep pace with technological advancements if we want the services we offer to be efficient and return the affected items to their preloss conditions. Let us cover some of the equipment and methods we use when attending to such events in Glendale.
There are certain drying principles that our SERVPRO technicians observe when offering water removal services in Glendale. To begin with, we have to identify the degree of moisture in your property. Sometimes it can be challenging to use a naked eye to judge whether there is water within the floors, ceilings, and walls. With the help of an infrared camera, we can identify locations with water and come up with removal procedures. We can also use hygrometers, moisture meters, and sensors to measure moisture saturation in surfaces and materials.
Our SERVPRO technicians speed up the drying process by using appropriate water extraction equipment. When dealing with high-level water, we use gas-powered and submersible pumps. The use of portable and truck-mounted extraction units are also an efficient water removal option. The water extraction method we settle on is determined by the accessibility of the area, the level of the water, and whether the water has some sediments or not.
Physical extraction methods are not enough to remove all the moisture from the building. Remember, some moisture may remain within the floors, walls, and the ceiling area and cause warping and swelling in such locations. By installing high-speed air movers at the site, we increase the rate of evaporation. As evaporation occurs, water is added into the atmosphere, so we use dehumidifiers to pull the moisture from the surrounding air.
SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale has a highly trained staff that is equipped with the skills and the experience to restore and clean water damaged properties. We observe best practices and IICRC standards when we are working for you. Call (818) 244-6005 now and benefit from our emergency services.

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Why SERVPRO? Fast Help When Your Eagle Rock Property Needs It Most After the Firestorm

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why SERVPRO? Fast Help When Your Eagle Rock Property Needs It Most After the Firestorm California, Los Angeles, and Eagle Rock All Suffer from The Woolsey Wildfire--Call SERVPRO for Help with Recovery

Wildfire Cleanup and Recovery for Your Eagle Rock Property

With the devastation of the Woolsey Wildfire to Eagle Rock homes and businesses, many homeowners have already or soon get their first look at what happened to their property. Some structures within the path of this disaster no longer exist, but for those deemed fortunate enough for their houses to remain standing and salvageable, finding the right professional assistance in this trying time is not as challenging as you might believe.

Our franchise has a wide array of personnel with IICRC-certifications in Fire and Smoke Restoration to help overcome the effects the wildfire had on your Eagle Rock residence. With many homeowners struggling to determine what has to happen to restore their properties, our rapid response team can ensure that an efficient assessment of the damage gets conducted to provide your insurance provider the appropriate evidence and documentation of the work your property requires.

Smoke and soot are common effects many homeowners outside of the devastating path must contend with in their houses. Our SERVPRO professionals have our Green Fleet of box trucks and other restoration vehicles stocked with equipment designed to overcome these effects fast. Our air scrubbers and high-powered vacuums can help to tackle both indoor air quality concerns as well as set in soot on surfaces throughout the property.

Smoke can spread quickly throughout your home, affecting a wide area in a short period. With our thermal foggers, we release an OSHA-approved chemical compound into the environment and affected materials to neutralize the harsh odor on contact and eliminate it permanently. This deodorization process is safe for use on carpeting, clothing, fabrics, drapery, textiles, and other materials affected by the spread of smoke and foul odor.

For those directly affected by the wildfire, our SERVPRO rapid response team can help prepare your property for reconstruction and rebuilding necessary after structural damages. We use controlled demolition techniques to carefully remove only the unsalvageable materials and leave a clean area for replacement materials to get installed.

The wildfire has affected so many homes and businesses throughout our area, let our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale help you clean up the mess and restore your property efficiently. Give us a call today at (818) 244-6005.

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Get Rid Of Your Commercial Water Damage Issues In Glendale Once And For All With Help From The Crew At SERVPRO

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Get Rid Of Your Commercial Water Damage Issues In Glendale Once And For All With Help From The Crew At SERVPRO SERVPRO commercial water removal restoration services in Glendale can restore your business when possible.

Commercial Water Removal Services In Glendale Can Restore Your Business

The t-shirt business you own is your primary source of income. Unfortunately, a pipe inside the store burst last night after you went home and now water is standing in the middle of your shop. The damage can be extensive if you do not act fast and call a professional right away. Plus, not contacting us may hamper your livelihood if you have to close your store for a day or two.

SERVPRO commercial water removal restoration services in Glendale can restore your business when possible. You can rely on our technicians to have the skills and training to accurately extract excess water from your store within hours after you call us. Typically, it only takes an inch or two of water to ruin merchandise on the lower racks, flooring, and baseboards. We can pack-out your t-shirts and accessory items like belts, hats, socks, and caps and store them in a safe area until our team completes the job. If any of the contents need cleaning or drying, we can provide that service on or off-site. Since mold can grow within 48-hours, our techs may need to apply anti-fungal agents during the cleaning process to prevent mold growth on any clothing we remove from the premises.

The crew can utilize a variety of industrial machines such as wands, pumps, portable extractors and wet/dry vacuums to eliminate water from the structure fast. Also, they may employ professional-grade air movers and industrial fans to circulate warm air and push dampness outside of the structure. These steps help speed up the drying process. We may also use dehumidifiers to enhance evaporation and to increase drying. You can trust us to work fast because we understand that business owners want to get their business back to full operation as quickly as possible, so they make a profit.

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale strive to restore businesses to their preloss condition. We also serve Northeast Los Angeles, Atwater Village, and Highland Park. If you need commercial water removal services in these areas, call us immediately at (818) 244-6005.

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Did You Know That SERVPRO Arrives With Equipment to Help Detect Hidden Water in Your Eagle Rock Home?

11/11/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Did You Know That SERVPRO Arrives With Equipment to Help Detect Hidden Water in Your Eagle Rock Home? Don't let the water damage behind your walls keep destroying your home. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate any damage.

Professional Assistance Helps Homeowners Cope with Water Damage in Eagle Rock

When water spills into a property, it can cause a wide range of damages. Common damages include stains which can form on carpets or other fabrics, while structural components such as drywall can lose their structural integrity becoming weak and soft. Stains can be caused by debris dissolved in the water or rust from metallic items affected by the water. Our IICRC certified restoration services can help you cope with the damages caused by water spillage in your Eagle Rock property.
Most of the specific aspects of water damage in Eagle Rock can be prevented by extracting the water within a short period. For instance, drywall and other structural components are sturdy enough to withstand exposure to water for some time before severe damages occur. Since our SERVPRO technicians have sophisticated pumps to extract water immediately we start the restoration process, it is possible to avoid demolition, and instead only use drying equipment to save the affected materials.
When water seeps into wall cavities and reaches the insulation, it can cause the loss of R-value. On your own, the only way to establish the level of damage in these cavities is to tear down the walls. Our SERVPRO technicians use penetrating moisture meters to gauge the level of penetration before tearing everything down. FLIR thermal cameras also help us establish all moisture problem areas, and especially if we suspect additional leak sources.
Sometimes, and especially if the water leak happens when no one is home, it might not be possible to extract the water immediately. In such cases tear down, and removal of affected materials is the best solution to avoid problems such as mold. Our SERVPRO crews cut the drywall and insulation 2 feet above the point where the water reaches making it easier to remove all affected materials. We also have enough expertise and tools to remove wet carpets because extended exposure to water can cause carpets to delaminate.
Water spillage incidents cannot overwhelm you when you call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale. You can reach us at (818) 244-6005 any time of the day. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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