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Don’t Miss Cheap Date Wednesdays at Spitz Eagle Rock

11/26/2020 (Permalink)

Eagle Rock, CA skyline We hope to see you at SPITZ Eagle!

Save Some Dough for Cheap Date Night Wednesdays with Other Eagle Rock Locals

Not sure where to go for date night? Bring your date to SPITZ Eagle Rock! Whether you are looking to go out with friends or hoping to find a fun spot to bring a date, Spitz Eagle Rock offers weekly specials with Cheap Date Night. Every Wednesday, Cheap Date Wednesdays is your chance to enjoy food and drink with other locals. For one low fee, you get two entrees, two sides, and a bottle of wine to share while experiencing fun, lively surroundings.

    •    When: December 9, 2020, and weekly every Wednesday night
    •    Time: 5:00 pm until closing
    •    Cost: $40 per couple
    •    Where: SPITZ Eagle Rock, 2506 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Getting out to have fun with locals is something that our team at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale can get behind. Should you have a fire in your home, handling fire debris removal is best left to skilled professionals. If you have an emergency that calls for prompt cleanup, contact us by calling (323) 255-1000, and we will send out our Green Fleet for a full assessment.

Eagle Rock Residents – Enjoy Virtual Sound Bath Practitioner Training

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

truck in front of property We hope to see you at the Level 1 Virtual Training to become a Sound Bath Practitioner!

Learn to Become a Sound Bath Practitioner with Level 1 Virtual Training from Your Eagle Rock, CA Home

There are countless benefits that come with sound baths, including improved well-being, relaxation, and a boost in awareness. If this is a practice that intrigues you, this is your chance to enjoy learning the basics with virtual training via The Sound Bath Center. Eagle Rock residents have the unique opportunity to learn all about harnessing the power of vibration using sound bath with the help of crystal singing bowls and gongs. Just as you would with an in-person class, participants are encouraged to participate virtually like they would if they were all in the same room.

    •    Date: November 21 and 22, 2020
    •    Time: 10 am to 5 pm on both days
    •    Cost: $450 per person
    •    Where: Virtually

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale encourages community involvement and continued learning for all residents. If you have an emergency in your home and you require professional water restoration, we are here to help! With one phone call to (323) 255-1000, we send out a crew to get to work on restoring your interior and mitigating damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Northeast Los Angeles Art Lovers – Live From Provence (All Levels) Classes

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

truck in front of property Call us if your property is damaged!

Learn to Paint from the Comfort of Your Northeast Los Angeles Home with Virtual Classes

Whether you have been painting for a while or just beginning, these recurring classes put on by the Brentwood Art Center (Online) are perfect for artists of all levels. Live From Provence is a virtual class taught by UK born instructor Jill Douglas. This online workshop series teaches students how to tackle basic drawing techniques, mix colors, capture the mood with shadows and lights, and learn about balanced composition.

    •    When: Tuesdays - ongoing through December 8, 2020
    •    Where: Hosted virtually on Zoom via the Brentwood Art Center
    •    Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am
    •    Cost: Per class or per series – contact the Center for further details

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale supports the local community and the arts, virtual learning, and enrichment. Do you have flooding in your home after a recent storm that requires skilled flood removal techniques? Contact our team today, and we will send out a crew as soon as possible. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (323) 255-1000.

Your Glendale Home Deserves Careful Attention with Skilled Mold Remediation Services

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

Glendale, CA skyline When your property is damaged call our team!

SERVPRO Leaves No Area of Your Glendale, CA Property Unaddressed When Called for Rapid Mold Remediation and Restoration

There are many reasons to love Glendale, CA, including the nickname given in 2013 as L.A.’s Neighborhood of the Year. As a peaceful yet lively suburb situated in the heart of California’s Los Angeles County, this region is home to many community members and business owners alike. Glendale is surrounded by other equally up-and-coming boroughs, including Glassell Park, Atwater Village, Verdugo Hills, and Eagle Rock.

In terms of size, Glendale, CA, is made up of an estimated population of around 200,000 people in 2014. This number made it one of the largest cities located within L.A. County and the 23rd most significant city within the state of California. Location-wise, you will find Glendale just 8 miles to the north of bustling downtown Los Angeles, CA. Glendale is bisected by the stunning Verdugo Mountains, making for an incredible backdrop for many local properties in the area.

Armenian Population and Other Notable Points of Interest in Glendale, CA
Some people may not realize that Glendale is made up of one of the largest Armenian populations around the globe, only coming in second to Yerevan. You will find Armenian restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops all serving a variety of authentic eats throughout the city, including delicious baklava and lamb kebabs.

Glendale became incorporated back in 1906, then 12 years later annexed Tropico. From 1859 to 1925, Leslie Coombs Brand was a notable civic booster that is known for building a sprawling estate known as El Miradero in 1904. This estate included a stunning mansion comprised of various architecture, taking stylings from Indian, Moorish, and Spanish design. Leslie Brand was known for a love of flight, often hosting what was known as “fly-in” parties on a private airstrip.

Attractions and Nightlife
It used to be that Glendale, CA, was only known for the local mall. As time went on, this city has made quite a name for itself in terms of both local splendor and recreational activities, along with must-see attractions. Whether you want to go hiking or enjoy a few of the parks in the area, there is never any shortage of things to see and do. Not only will you find exciting galleries and museums, but there are also lovely dining options and live music venues that make for a beautiful night on the town.

Today, there are many unique things to see and do within the Glendale, CA area, including:

    •    Verdugo Park – Situated near the Verdugo Mountains and one of the most sizable parks in Glendale, Verdugo Park is a popular location with locals looking to get out and about to enjoy some fresh air amidst beautiful surroundings. The park includes basketball courts, baseball fields, play areas for children, picnic spots, a skate park, and horseshoe courts.
    •    Brand Boulevard – If shopping is something that sparks your interest, you will want to take a trip along Brand Boulevard along the main streets of Glendale. Here, you will find a wide selection of local shops that include cafes, eateries, bookstores, and smaller shops selling just about anything you could be looking for.
    •    The Museum of Neon Art – Also known as MONA, the Museum of Neon Art offers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience that you will not soon forget. The museum opened to the public back in 1981 and has remained dedicated to stunning neon artwork and preserving installations crafted from neon lighting. The original museum was located in downtown Los Angeles but moved to Glendale's current spot back in 2016. You will find signature pieces that used to reside in famous locations such as the Brown Derby and Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Taking a look at restaurants, Glendale, California, brings you a diverse selection of places to grab a bite to eat. Some of the top restaurants include:

    •    Adana – this is an excellent Turkish-inspired eatery known for their fattoush salad and eggplant with onions on the menu, as well as a setting that is low-key and relaxed.
    •    Sevan Chicken Rotisserie – this is the place to go when you want to sample mouth-watering roasted chicken complete with moist, flavorful meat and perfectly crisp skin.
    •    Damon’s Steak House – When you want a steak and a curated cocktail, Damon’s Steak House is a tiki-inspired restaurant with a rich menu that includes everything from chops and steaks to fish and chips or vegetarian dishes.
    •    Porto’s Bakery & Café – Dating back to opening day in 1982, this infamous Cuban bakery offers delectable guava pastries, unique and tasty potato balls, and some of the best sandwiches in all of Los Angeles County.

Why Handle Mold Mitigation on Your Own? Call SERVPRO to Your Home or Business for Skilled Mold Remediation Services That Bring You Impeccable Results!

If your Glendale home or place of business starts to suffer from elevated humidity levels and excessive moisture, there is a real danger of mold contamination. The first 24 to 48 hours remain crucial as mold will colonize rapidly. Because the presence of mold can cause potential health effects, you need to have skilled remediation professionals to handle the mitigation and cleanup. SERVPRO is available to assist with proven methods and powerful EPA-registered cleaning agents to restore your interior.

Why Use SERVPRO for Mold Cleanup?
When you contact our crew to assist with mold remediation in Glendale, we provide a host of benefits, to include:

    •    Thorough and Proper Cleaning – Our IICRC-certified technicians know where to look for hidden moisture and areas where mold is known to thrive so that we can provide the deep clean you deserve.
    •    Inhibit Mold Spore Spread – Attempting to clean mold on your own may simply disturb and disperse the spores. We use a cautious approach and proven methods to limit the spread of mold so that you can have peace of mind knowing the job was done right.

When you know that you need to have professional mold remediation, you can look to our team at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale. We are available 24/7 for emergency service, with crews arriving on-site and ready to work within hours of your call. Contact us today by calling (323) 255-1000!

How Can Business Owners Mitigate Flood Damage Before Remediators Arrive?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

employee standing in office area, water on carpet SERVPRO can remove pooling water while relocating office furnishing to mitigate water damage in Glendale commercial businesses.

Glendale Business Owners Can Do a Few Simple Things to Mitigate Flood Damage After a Flooding Event Occurs.

Glendale commercial establishments sometimes experience flood-related issues during the rainy winter months.  Although this flooding generally requires professional assistance, there are some important tasks owners can do to limit their losses.

SERVPRO, a Glendale flood damage remediator, offers local restaurant and shop owners some useful tips for mitigating the potential problems associated with flooding.  Some of our suggestions for doing this include:

  • Avoiding using your business’ electricity until its electrical network has been inspected and deemed safe to use
  • Disconnecting and relocating electrical appliances that could be damaged by excessive moisture levels
  • Staying out of areas of your commercial structure that may have compromised floors and ceilings that could collapse
  • Removing all non-impacted valuables and expensive artworks to a dry, safe location
  • Opening windows and doors to dissipate foul odors and facilitate the drying process.

In taking all of these measures, business owners can often limit the overall severity of the flood damage they ultimately suffer.  Moreover, these simple steps help technicians complete their work more easily once they arrive.

How, Exactly, Does Following These Suggestions Limit My Losses?

Flood-damaged properties are a virtual minefield of hazards.  SERVPRO’s aforementioned recommendations help you avoid the most serious issues that can occur after flooding.  As you can imagine, electrical hazards are of greatest concern.  You can prevent accidental electrocutions, further electrical network damage, and harm to electric-using devices simply by leaving the electric off and relocating moisture-sensitive appliances.  In remaining out of structurally compromised rooms, you avoid injury and make restoration efforts easier.  When you remove non-impacted valuables from your business, you preserve those items and reduce the number of objects SERVPRO technicians have to be concerned with protecting.   

With that said, remember SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale is always here to help.  Call us anytime at (323) 255-1000.

Can Restoration Technicians Get Rid of Electrical Fire Odors?

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

fire and smoke on electric wire plug indoors, electric short circuit causing fire on plug socket If a fire damages your home, Call SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Professionals Perform Fire Restoration for Eagle Rock Residences 24/7

One of the most frustrating aftereffects of a residential structure fire is the strong odors left behind by soot particles, burnt debris, and fire suppression efforts. Unfortunately, Eagle Rock homeowners’ consumer-grade cleaners and deodorizers cannot fully combat the effects of fire damage residues.

SERVPRO is ready to render fire restoration services for homeowners in Eagle Rock that return homes to a preloss state. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited techs are also licensed to provide residential contracting services (license #999460) as well as mold remediation (license #CMRC-82464).

How Can Homeowners Protect Against Residential Electrical Fires?

Eagle Rock property owners can minimize electrical fire risk with a variety of safety measures, including the following:

  • Avoid overloading outlets or power strips and the use of extension cables as a long-term power source.
  • Have your wiring inspected to ensure that it is up to code per the standards set by the National Electrical Code (NEC). A licensed electrician can mitigate potential faults such as rusty contacts in an outlet. A professional can also advise you on inspection intervals.
  • Use protective measures like surge protectors, ground-fault circuit interrupters, and arc-fault circuit interrupters.

What Deodorization Methods Do SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians Use?

SERVPRO odor control technicians (OCTs) rely on a diverse array of odor control tools for many surfaces. For example, thermal fogging addresses broad-spectrum deodorization needs with solvent-based deodorizers that are released in a dry smoke that penetrates surfaces.

Nonporous items, such as metals and plastics, benefit significantly from manual cleaning with agitation tools and EPA-registered antimicrobials. For heavier damages, such as charring on wood, abrasion cleaning may be necessary.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is ready to show you what makes our team Faster To Any Size Disaster when you call (323) 255-1000.

How Can Glendale Properties Avoid Damage after Water Intrusion

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home When water intrusion occurs, it can lead to unsanitary conditions. Water harms structure, structural components, and the contents of your home.

Hiring a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service Can Mitigate Losses. SERVPRO is Available for Residents of Glendale.

What does water restoration cover?
When water intrudes into your Glendale property, it can make the structure, structural components, and contents unsanitary. A lot of water loss recovery is achievable through targeted cleaning. Typical areas to focus the cleaning effort are walls, subfloors, and other restorable materials in the home. SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize and implement effective cleaning strategies for a variety of materials commonly found in a household. We use both professional products and advanced cleaning equipment to return your home to a good, sanitary condition following a water intrusion event. Our focus is providing a speedy resolution to your water emergency.

Are carpets badly affected by water intrusions?
When performing water damage restoration in your Glendale home, our technicians' primary focus is to return the property to a sanitary state. Even a small amount of water on a carpet may require cleaning of the entire component. Tiny micro-organisms can spread undetected, which is why we offer a comprehensive cleaning strategy to combat potential secondary damages from mold, bacteria, or viruses. Cleaning and deodorizing a carpet can vary in both methodology and products depending on the types of damage and the types of fiber in the carpet construction. Where possible, SERVPRO technicians clean carpets in line with manufacturer instructions to minimize the potential for further losses. If manufacturer guidelines are not available, we can use our extensive materials and fiber knowledge to put in place an appropriate strategy using sensitive cleaning products to avoid causing harm.

How do carpet water damages differ?
    •    Inspect the carpet to determine whether dirt or soils are on the tips of fibers or pushed down to the roots as this can influence cleaning strategy
    •    Check whether fibers have become matted, which can result from foot traffic over the affected area. Carpets are up to 50% weaker when wet.
    •    Touch the carpet fibers to see whether they are sticky or stiff, as these can influence the aggressiveness of a cleaning approach.

What types of cleaning are useful for carpets?
There is a range of cleaning methodologies and strategies when it comes to restoration. We stock our vans with a full range of carpet cleaning products, as this can often be an area of damage where the most soiling occurs due to water intrusion. We may bring typical products to a job site that are carpet shampoos, preconditioners, and rinsing agents. Our equipment can vary from standard hot water extractors that use vacuums and heating elements to rotary machines and, in some cases, rotary jet extractors. This equipment can help return a carpet to its preloss condition without resorting to sourcing a replacement. We may also stock replacement carpet pads in case water migrates toward the subfloor.

What types of cleaning are used for water intrusion?
    •    Light soiling may require a hot water extraction followed by shampooing and bonnet cleaning.
    •    Medium levels of soiling may require implementing a deluxe preconditioning and rinsing agent on top of extraction and shampoo.
    •    Heavy soiling with long-term exposure requires both of the above and a rotary jet extractor and showcase cleaning strategy.

Do water restoration technicians fix contents?
Contents cleaning is a vital part of our services. There may be apparent materials that need to be cleaned, such as direct liquid exposure from the water intrusion event. However, it is crucial to evaluate contents within the structure at large. Certain items, like wood furnishes, can become soiled due to high humidity in the property. We can clean or polish these materials and identify any other clothes, fabrics, photographs, and hangings. Usually, we can store these contents on-site or send some of them for wet and dry cleaning services. Clothes can often be machine washed and deodorized in large quantities to return them to a preloss condition. SERVPRO pay special attention to high-value items like pianos, artwork, or electronics to ensure losses are kept under control.

What do the contents cleaning cover?
    •    Furnishings in the home as well as upholstery and draperies that may be adversely affected by a water intrusion event
    •    Individual items which include a wide variety from clothing to crockery and ornaments
    •    We endeavor to return your contents to their original position in the home after performing cleaning services to make water intrusion, “Like it never even happened.”

When water intrusion occurs, it can lead to unsanitary conditions. Water harms structure, structural components, and the contents of your home. To ensure a full recovery, you can contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000.

Water Damage Restoration Eagle Rock

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO for Eagle Rock Water Damage Restoration Services 

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale Now (323) 255-1000.

Wedged between the sprawling metropolitan areas of Glendale and Pasadena, Eagle Rock has a distinct look and charm that you are unlikely to find throughout Southern California. While considered a suburb of Los Angeles, Eagle Rock is home to more than 35,000 people and features a culturally diverse community that continues steady growth and urban development initiative that attracts more and more to the region. Much like Los Angeles and Glendale, this community is susceptible to rapidly forming weather conditions like torrential rainfall, windstorms, and even wildfires.

Eagle Rock Area Emergency Water Removal, Cleanup, and Restoration

  • Locally Owned/Operated
  • Large Loss Restoration Provider
  • Water Extraction, Drying, and Cleaning
  • Mold Inspections and Remediation 
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning and Remediation 
  • Fast and Reliable Response (323) 255-1000. 

Restoring Eagle Rock Properties After Water Damages

Small business is one of the backbones of the community. Because of the area's gentrification over the past 15 years, there has been an influx of younger residents moving into the area and modifying the business scape towards the modern era. While significant retailers still have a foothold in the neighborhood, small business owners are consistently working on effective strategies to bolster traffic and travelers, much like the I Heart Eagle Rock festival that occurs on Small Business Saturday every year and features live music, limited-time sales, and family-friendly activities. With such a high volume of shops and retailers along Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards, our SERVPRO professionals must stay vigilant to provide fast and effective mitigation services when needed.

Because it is so close to Glendale, Eagle Rock has a much larger feel by bordering a city with more than 200,000 residents. This has made it a manageable location for film shoots for movies and music videos without the complications of managing inner city sets. Despite the growth, the community hasn't lost its history and charms. Many still flock to now historic businesses like Ruby Bakery, established back in 1983, and the proposed first fast-food location in Eagle Rock: Foster's Freeze, established in 1946. Protecting these treasures and diverse architecture in residential construction ranging from Georgian and Art Deco to Mission Revival falls to the fast response of our SERVPRO water restoration professionals when disasters strike.

Emergency Water Damage Scenarios for the Eagle Rock Area

  • Monsoon season structural damage
  • Broken appliances and fixtures
  • Overflowing toilets 
  • Clogged drains and sewage service lines 
  • Damaged/leaking roofs
  • Flooding 
  • Firefighting water cleanup

Why Choose SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale?

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Because of how centrally located our warehouse and headquarters are to the service area, we can often mobilize quickly to provide the most immediate mitigation solutions for damaged homes and businesses in the region.

Expertly Trained and Experienced Professionals

There are many endorsements and certifications necessary to encompass the wealth of knowledge and experience our SERVPRO professionals bring to a work area, including WRT (Water Restoration Technician), ASD (Applied Structural Drying), CDS (Commercial Drying Specialist), and AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician.)

Advanced Water Restoration Tools and Technologies

Our inventory of high-efficiency cleaning, drying, and restoration tools lead the industry. We can continually monitor the effectiveness of drying efforts and provide ideal extraction and drying approaches for each encountered scenario.

Questions or Concerns? We can help 24/7. Give SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale a call now at (323) 255-1000.

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Is Mold an Indicator of a Much Larger Problem in Eagle Rock?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by calling (323) 255-1000 when you need prompt, reliable assistance with mold damage cleanup.

When You Suspect Mold Damage, It Is Critical That You Have Expert Technicians Handle Cleanup Throughout Your Eagle Rock Commercial Property

All property managers and business owners must realize that mold growth is simply a symptom of some sort of water issue. If you have a suspicion that mold or mildew is developing within your Eagle Rock business, this is never something only cleaning with bleach will thoroughly remove. You must enlist the help of trained mold remediation technicians to identify the cause of the problem, then handle all of the cleaning and repairs. SERVPRO ensures your entire interior is thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected to keep mold and microbial growth from coming back.

What Caused the Mold Growth?

There are several potential causes for mold damage in Eagle Rock. Some of the more common reasons include:
    •    Consistently high humidity levels
    •    Persistent condensation
    •    Leaking plumbing fixtures or water pipes
    •    Roofing or window leakage
    •    Improperly cleaned up spills or flood damage
    •    Drainage issues from HVAC systems, and more

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

SERVPRO comes in to handle the water issue causing mold growth. We then have dehumidification equipment and specialized cleaning agents to restore your commercial interior to like-new condition. Because mold is known to cause potential health effects, our crew wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We also put measures into place to help keep the spores from spreading into your building's unaffected areas.

During our mold remediation efforts, we remove and dispose of materials that have gotten contaminated with mold. This often includes carpeting, wood, and drywall. Full cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization help to keep musty mold odors from returning once we are gone. Should any areas of your interior call for rebuilding or reconstruction, we handle it all to ensure everything looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by calling (323) 255-1000 when you need prompt, reliable assistance with mold damage cleanup.

Can Flood Losses In Glendale Be Reduced?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Living room and Dining Room Flooded An unexpected storm can lead to extensive damage to both your home and contents.

SERVPRO Can Mitigate Losses for Glendale Residents with Flood Damage. Contact Us Twenty-four hours a Day.

Can flood damage be reduced after the fact?
For many Glendale residents, storm-related flooding can be a traumatic event. While there are methods to prepare for flooding like reinforcing your roof or removing expensive furniture, there is little help in an emergency's immediate aftermath. SERVPRO technicians can help you to overcome flooding by performing vital mitigation acts quickly after a storm event.

Flood mitigation in Glendale may include actions like removing standing water from the home, drying inner rooms, or temporarily storing possessions at an offsite location. Contacting a qualified restoration service immediately after your insurer can go a long way to reducing the losses caused by a flood after the fact.

What preventative measures are useful for storm areas?
- Taking out a flood insurance policy
- Maintaining water disposal in the home such as basement sump pumps, gutters, and drainage
- Turning off water mains access ahead of time to avoid backups

Do floodwaters permanently damage furnishings?
Furnishings are frequently victims of flood damage for residents. We understand how many items may be difficult to replace in a home, so SERVPRO technicians are expertly trained in contents restoration. Larger items like sofas may benefit from temporary removal to a dry area where they can be thoroughly dehumidified to remove any excess moisture. Our technicians can also apply an extensive range of cleaning products and techniques to return upholstery to its preloss condition. By pre-testing on discrete areas of the fabric, we can avoid lasting damages of color-fade or spotting.

What restoration is available for furnishings?
- Thorough drying of the affected furniture
- Special services for leather, satin, or other unique upholsteries
- Buffering and mechanical cleaning of furniture fibers

An unexpected storm can lead to extensive damage to both your home and contents. Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 for assistance.