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Eagle Rock Residents – Enjoy Virtual Sound Bath Practitioner Training

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

truck in front of property We hope to see you at the Level 1 Virtual Training to become a Sound Bath Practitioner!

Learn to Become a Sound Bath Practitioner with Level 1 Virtual Training from Your Eagle Rock, CA Home

There are countless benefits that come with sound baths, including improved well-being, relaxation, and a boost in awareness. If this is a practice that intrigues you, this is your chance to enjoy learning the basics with virtual training via The Sound Bath Center. Eagle Rock residents have the unique opportunity to learn all about harnessing the power of vibration using sound bath with the help of crystal singing bowls and gongs. Just as you would with an in-person class, participants are encouraged to participate virtually like they would if they were all in the same room.

    •    Date: November 21 and 22, 2020
    •    Time: 10 am to 5 pm on both days
    •    Cost: $450 per person
    •    Where: Virtually

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale encourages community involvement and continued learning for all residents. If you have an emergency in your home and you require professional water restoration, we are here to help! With one phone call to (323) 255-1000, we send out a crew to get to work on restoring your interior and mitigating damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

How Can Glendale Properties Avoid Damage after Water Intrusion

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home When water intrusion occurs, it can lead to unsanitary conditions. Water harms structure, structural components, and the contents of your home.

Hiring a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service Can Mitigate Losses. SERVPRO is Available for Residents of Glendale.

What does water restoration cover?
When water intrudes into your Glendale property, it can make the structure, structural components, and contents unsanitary. A lot of water loss recovery is achievable through targeted cleaning. Typical areas to focus the cleaning effort are walls, subfloors, and other restorable materials in the home. SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize and implement effective cleaning strategies for a variety of materials commonly found in a household. We use both professional products and advanced cleaning equipment to return your home to a good, sanitary condition following a water intrusion event. Our focus is providing a speedy resolution to your water emergency.

Are carpets badly affected by water intrusions?
When performing water damage restoration in your Glendale home, our technicians' primary focus is to return the property to a sanitary state. Even a small amount of water on a carpet may require cleaning of the entire component. Tiny micro-organisms can spread undetected, which is why we offer a comprehensive cleaning strategy to combat potential secondary damages from mold, bacteria, or viruses. Cleaning and deodorizing a carpet can vary in both methodology and products depending on the types of damage and the types of fiber in the carpet construction. Where possible, SERVPRO technicians clean carpets in line with manufacturer instructions to minimize the potential for further losses. If manufacturer guidelines are not available, we can use our extensive materials and fiber knowledge to put in place an appropriate strategy using sensitive cleaning products to avoid causing harm.

How do carpet water damages differ?
    •    Inspect the carpet to determine whether dirt or soils are on the tips of fibers or pushed down to the roots as this can influence cleaning strategy
    •    Check whether fibers have become matted, which can result from foot traffic over the affected area. Carpets are up to 50% weaker when wet.
    •    Touch the carpet fibers to see whether they are sticky or stiff, as these can influence the aggressiveness of a cleaning approach.

What types of cleaning are useful for carpets?
There is a range of cleaning methodologies and strategies when it comes to restoration. We stock our vans with a full range of carpet cleaning products, as this can often be an area of damage where the most soiling occurs due to water intrusion. We may bring typical products to a job site that are carpet shampoos, preconditioners, and rinsing agents. Our equipment can vary from standard hot water extractors that use vacuums and heating elements to rotary machines and, in some cases, rotary jet extractors. This equipment can help return a carpet to its preloss condition without resorting to sourcing a replacement. We may also stock replacement carpet pads in case water migrates toward the subfloor.

What types of cleaning are used for water intrusion?
    •    Light soiling may require a hot water extraction followed by shampooing and bonnet cleaning.
    •    Medium levels of soiling may require implementing a deluxe preconditioning and rinsing agent on top of extraction and shampoo.
    •    Heavy soiling with long-term exposure requires both of the above and a rotary jet extractor and showcase cleaning strategy.

Do water restoration technicians fix contents?
Contents cleaning is a vital part of our services. There may be apparent materials that need to be cleaned, such as direct liquid exposure from the water intrusion event. However, it is crucial to evaluate contents within the structure at large. Certain items, like wood furnishes, can become soiled due to high humidity in the property. We can clean or polish these materials and identify any other clothes, fabrics, photographs, and hangings. Usually, we can store these contents on-site or send some of them for wet and dry cleaning services. Clothes can often be machine washed and deodorized in large quantities to return them to a preloss condition. SERVPRO pay special attention to high-value items like pianos, artwork, or electronics to ensure losses are kept under control.

What do the contents cleaning cover?
    •    Furnishings in the home as well as upholstery and draperies that may be adversely affected by a water intrusion event
    •    Individual items which include a wide variety from clothing to crockery and ornaments
    •    We endeavor to return your contents to their original position in the home after performing cleaning services to make water intrusion, “Like it never even happened.”

When water intrusion occurs, it can lead to unsanitary conditions. Water harms structure, structural components, and the contents of your home. To ensure a full recovery, you can contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000.

Does Carpeting Need Removal After Water Disasters?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

Carpet folded back Water can quickly damage the flooring in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

Damage to the flooring is typical with water disasters and requires mitigation solutions like moisture removal, but often demolition and replacement in more advanced stages of exposure.

Flooring can often be one of the first materials in your Glendale home compromised by water disasters. Pooling on the floors can quickly turn into the absorption of these materials like carpet and wood planks. While wood can have lower permeance than fibers of the carpet, this flooring material can still ultimately become oversaturated without extraction and drying. Removing trapped water in carpeted floors involves multiple tools including:

  • Carpet Wands
  • Weighted Extractors
  • Air Movers
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Floor Mat Drying Systems 

More often, with substantial loss situations, water damage repair in Glendale homes is necessary. When our team first arrives, assessment of the flooring conditions can determine when padding or carpet layers must be removed and discarded. It can often become more cost-efficient to replace these materials than to clean and dry them after prolonged exposure. Eliminating saturated layers above the subflooring can often allow for more efficient drying of this underlayment and base layer to prevent costlier reconstruction and repairs. 

How Likely is Irreparable Subflooring Damages? 

Prolonged exposure of the surface layers of carpeted floors leads to migrating moisture that saturates the OSB board, plywood, and other underlying materials to support the floor's weight and traffic. If acted upon quickly, our SERVPRO team can recognize the upper layers' oversaturation to focus on drying subflooring materials directly. Removal and discarding of carpet and padding can allow for the placement of drying mats to draw out moisture before irreparable damages occur. 

Whether it is damaged flooring or the need for surface water removal, you can count on our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale team to help. Give us a call anytime at (323) 255-1000.

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Does It Matter Which Water Damage Disaster Company I Hire for Cleanup in Glendale?

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Vehicle SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a water catastrophe. Give us a call right away.

A Rock-Solid Foundation in Rebuilding and Construction Plus Industry Best Practices Training in Disaster Mitigation and Remediation Place SERVPRO’s Glendale Water Cleanup Team in the Lead.

Water damage in your Glendale home can span a range of circumstances, from a minor inconvenience to a catastrophe. You need to retain a restoration company that scales its response to the specifics of your scenario. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works efficiently, with the risk of overdoing an uncomplicated cleanup or failing to discover all aspects of the damage in a convoluted situation. It is a bonus to find a company that can take the cleanup from the initial call for help through any rebuilding or repairs needed. 

Why Should I Hire Professional Help for Water Cleanup?

Water cleanup operations in Glendale can sound like a simple matter of mopping or running a wet-vac until you understand the unrelenting tendency of water to invade a structure any way it can. When our technicians pursue their basic training with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), one of the first “truths” about water damage learned is that wet goes to dry. This principle helps explain why the spill or spray from a burst pipe can seemingly disappear. You cannot count on any residual water left after a quick mop-up to evaporate swiftly. Instead, it is likely to find cracks or crevices to flow through, seeking dry porous material to soak into and cause severe damage. Finding and extracting and drying out that hidden moisture is crucial to resolving a water cleanup project. The skills and equipment needed for this detection work and subsequent resolution are what professionals bring to the equation.

What Are the First Phases of Water Cleanup as Completed by Professionals?

  • Conversation and Safety Assessment
  • Expect the project manager from SERVPRO to listen carefully to your account of the events leading up to the water loss. No one knows the unique configurations of a house better than the owner, so we leverage any information you can share. Then we evaluate the potential for safety hazards such as:
    • Slip, trip, and fall potential
    • Electric shock or electrocution possibility
    • Structural cavities holding water, including overhead or between walls that threaten collapse
    • Confined spaces with limited exits and low hanging or narrow configurations 
    • Contamination of water by dirt, chemicals, or infectious waste
  • Hazards identified are then controlled so that Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can work safely, and shield your family from harm.
    • Electricity temporarily shut down
    • Weakened or water-filled structures have supports installed and carefully located weep holes or flood cuts performed by our construction division to release trapped water as safely as practicable. 
    • Work in confined spaces is only done by a team or using pumps or extensions to limit the chance of harm while still completing the needed tasks.
    • Technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to work with contaminated fluids, containing the dirty water for lawful disposal.
  •  Testing with Sensitive Devices

Following the migration of water into porous materials and cavities requires the use of moisture detectors, meters, and occasionally infrared cameras. These tools help our trained technicians to define the outline of the water incursion. They also provide data about the level of the water absorption into building materials, giving our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) team baseline readings for drying goals. 

What Can I Expect During the Water Extraction and Drying Processes?

  • Extraction Services 

Water deeper than two inches is evacuated via submersible pumps, usually disposed of into a treated sewer line. We suction residual liquid water with truck-mounted or portable extractors. Aggressive extraction is crucial to facilitating prompt and thorough structural drying.

  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Data gathered earlier helps determine drying goals. Technicians position the following equipment to sweep water-saturated air from wet surfaces and capture the vapor for disposal:
    • Air movers
    • Heaters (if needed to raise temperature to speed evaporation)
    • Dehumidifiers

What if Building Materials Need Repair or More After Drying Completes?

Our construction helped with skillful partial and controlled demolition during safety assessments and controls. Returning to your home to repair and build back damaged or removed structures is an essential part of our full-service approach to water cleanup.

The dedicated team at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is well-prepared to meet your water cleanup needs, no matter how straightforward or complex. Give us a call at (323) 255-1000 to explore the services we offer and how we can help.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 999460

CSLB: 999460

Residential: 999460

Commercial: 999460

Mold Remediation: CMRC-82464

Can My Grandmother’s Armoire in Glendale Be Restored After Water Damage?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

water overflowing from an orange sink Water can damage you personal items and you might want to see if you can get them restored. Call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Has Restoration Experts Who Can Answer All Your Glendale Restoration Questions

If your home has undergone a water intrusion due to something like a burst pipe, it can quickly spread throughout your Glendale home. This situation can mean damage to belonging that are precious to you.

Is it Possible to Restore Wood Furniture with Water Damage?

As a company that strives to provide quality water restoration in Glendale, we see all kinds of water-damaged items. These can range from clothing to furniture. Many of these items are things such as armoires, dressers, and coffee tables. When wood or wood composition, furniture gets exposed to water, several problems can arise. These include:

  • Water spots on the finish
  • Swelling and cracking
  • Weakening of the joints

Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration may be possible. Specialized wood care products can remove water spots in some instances. Having the item refinished is an option that is not always as cost-effective as replacing the item. In the case of a family heirloom, you may wish to go that route. Our crew will always discuss your options and costs involved before moving forward with any restoration project.

Wood Composition Furniture

While a family heirloom is not going to be made of particleboard, you may still have furniture that is damaged. Particleboard is covered with laminate and doesn’t hold up well when it comes in contact with water. The main problem is the laminate resists water, but the particleboard side absorbs a lot of water. This results in warping. Typically these items are easier to replace than to repair.

Don’t assume your heirlooms are lost if you experience any water loss in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255 - 1000 for expert water restoration service.

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Do Water Restoration Tasks that Seem Simple End Up Difficult to Address?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

24/7 365 Let us help you get your Glendale home back in order after a devastation. Give us a call any time. We are always available.

Handling Water Damage Restoration Tasks in Glendale Regularly Helps SERVPRO Tackle Restoration Processes with Ease Because of Better Experience

Water leaks often affect homes after pipes clog, tubs or toilets leak, and water heaters malfunction. In most circumstances, the damage caused by such intrusions is insignificant, so that you can deal with it on your own. However, when damage is significant, professional assistance is necessary to restore your Glendale property to its preloss state. Sometimes, the damage that seems minor can end up being problematic.

Which typical damages are not as simple as they seem?

The two main reasons water damage restoration in some sections of your Glendale home can be tougher to address than you expect include the damage necessitating demolition to reach the deteriorated materials, or minimal signs of the underlying damage being visible. Some typically tricky problems to deal with include:

  • Damp floors
  • Roof leaks 
  • Wet walls
  • Wet assemblies such as cabinets and stairs

Any form of dampness in the house is not ideal because it leads to bad smells, deterioration of materials, and even staining. The dampness you notice on the floors can develop for different reasons, including failure to dry any water that spills on the surfaces, poor subfloor ventilation, blocked vents, or water pooling under the house. 

Drying a damp floor requires different steps, including removing the traces of moisture that you observe on the surface. Our SERVPRO technicians help expedite this by using air movers to increase air currents over the wet areas, thus boosting evaporation. We can also use a dehumidifier to extract the evaporated moisture from the air. However, depending on what causes the problem, the solution may require additional steps.

What additional steps help resolve a damp floor situation?

  • Removing rubbish such as leaves on the subfloor
  • Unblocking any clogged vents
  • Removing any water pooling under the floor

Our SERVPRO crews inspect the house to establish whether any of these issues are present at your property. For instance, we can check whether rain gutters are correctly installed directing water away from the structure, thus preventing pooling beneath the house. We also remove any trash and unclog vents. Fixing the underlying issue helps ensure that any drying steps taken have a long-term outcome. In the case of concrete floors, we might need to do some demolition to aid drying or to install damp-proofing membranes, in case it is an old structure.

How do roof leaks complicate the restoration processes?

Fixing a leak in the roof might seem like a straightforward process of finding the hole and plugging it. However, several issues crop up during the process delaying results or complicating it in other ways. In most cases, you realize there is a leak in the roof when you notice stains on the ceiling or walls. The stains might not appear directly under the opening in the roof since the water might travel along trusses first before dripping on the ceiling or walls. Therefore, the first aspect that complicates restoration is identifying the leak point on the roof.

Our SERVPRO technicians use approaches such as dividing the roof into small sections then hosing each section at a time to identify where water penetrates the structure. In the case of a small puncture, we can use silicone as a temporary solution or replace the damaged materials to address the issue permanently. For bigger leaks, we can install roof tarps over the entire roof section to offer protection until the problem is resolved.

After dealing with the water intrusion point, there is a need to fix the damage on the affected materials, including ceiling or wall panels and the supporting frames. Our technicians perform controlled demolition around the affected area for better access. In most cases, electrical wiring and other utilities pass through the ceiling and wall cavities making the demolition process risky. However, our crews are well trained and equipped to handle such procedures safely.  

After removing the wall or ceiling panels, we assess the underlying materials, such as insulation, to determine whether we can salvage or remove them. We can salvage some types of insulation, such as fiberglass, since it does not lose insulating properties when wet. Drying the structural support such as trusses and frames can also present some challenges since they are semi-porous and therefore take time to release the absorbed water. Our technicians help improve the drying process by using sophisticated drying options such as setting up drying chambers within the ceiling cavity to help contain air movements for improved drying.

Water damage in your Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles, or Atwater Village home can turn out to be more problematic than you expect. SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale can help you find the right solutions. Call us at (323) 255-1000. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Vital is Fast Action After Water Damage Occurs In My Glendale Home?

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

A green bubble with a message " 24/7 SUPPORT." Our certified experts are available 24/7 to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

Expediting Water Removal In Glendale.

Sometimes, we deal with water removal issues where the water is not initially visible as the culprit. In the case of a leaking roof or pipe leaking in a ceiling or wall, an amount of time can pass before the telltale signs of water damage begin to appear. Some of the components that make up drywall can act as sponges, soaking up water and spreading it further. While that is occurring, mold can move into the compromised areas, compounding the problem.

When you notice a wet spot or an odor, call SERVPRO. We will use our state-of-the-art equipment to restore your water damaged Glendale home to pre-damage condition. We can trace the source of the water coming into the home and stop it. Then we will begin the process of removing any standing water using the pumps and reversing the damage it has caused.

Our technicians use powerful air movers and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry the areas and remove residual moisture. Then, antifungal and antibacterial cleaners are used to fully clean and eliminate conditions for mold and mold growth. Often, hand cleaning is enough to remove odors if stronger deodorization is required, we have industrial fogging machines that penetrate deeply, overtaking and eliminating unpleasant odors left in both the building materials and furnishings.

The final step in restoration by SERVPRO leaves your home looking like it did before the water removal process. We will replace damaged drywall, flooring or other necessary home repairs, including painting and carpeting.

Water Damage in your Home

Water affects building materials in a manner that is generally adverse. Even metal, which is non-porous, can suffer rust and corrosion after exposure to water. Rust can take a few days to develop, but porous items show the effects of contact with water much more quickly.

When your Glendale home suffers from water damage, both the safety and the interior aesthetics of your home decrease. Water damage can create ugly stains on walls and ceilings, soggy spots in floors, and unpleasant smells and odors that permeate and fill the air. Getting rid of these problems and others which water creates is what the technicians at SERVPRO train for, resulting in certifications and skills that benefit you and your family.

Water damage has a source, and an important part of mitigating damage related to water includes locating that source and ensuring that it no longer poses a threat. Our use of hygrometers and infrared scanning equipment can reveal these hidden sources to us. Once we have this information, stopping the influx of water in the future is easy to accomplish.

Water can create problems anywhere it is found in a home, including carpeting and other textiles. Drapes can lose color, and eventually, dry rot, crumbling when touched. Carpets and rugs can unravel when the glue in their backing dissolves. Stored clothing can become inundated with mildew spots. Moreover, these are only the problems that textiles can experience.

Your home's structure must be solid and strong to protect your family. SERVPRO technicians know how to restore this strength to your home's structure, piece by piece. Each type of material must be restored according to type, and also in keeping with current building codes. We always stay current with these requirements, assuring our customers that the finished work passes final inspections when required.

Water removal from your home needs to happen as soon as you see or suspect a problem. Contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 to handle the damage caused by water in your home. Our certified experts are available 24/7 to restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Does SERVPRO have the Tools and Training to Properly Dry Out My Glendale Home Water Damage?

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

Wet carpeting in a room with white walling. After extracting standing water, SERVPRO technicians check carpet pads for damage and replace them when necessary.

Residential Water Removal in Glendale.

Most residential flooding in Glendale has a mundane source. A broken dishwasher or a blocked drainpipe is not as interesting as a flash flood that runs through a local neighborhood, but they can cause just as much damage.

Water removal for Glendale homes needs a professional restoration team. The actions SERVPRO has developed over the last two decades ensures we provide the best possible service for each customer, regardless of the size of the home or the amount of water inside.

Our technicians begin by removing the standing water. It is water inside the home which does not drain on its own. Depending on the shape of the home, it can just cover the carpets and floors, or it can be a foot or higher. For any amount over two inches, we start with one or more commercial grade pumps. In an average-sized home, we can remove even large amounts in a single day.

After we finish with the pumps, SERVPRO technicians switch to water extraction wands. These smaller devices draw water from surfaces that a pump is unable to remove. For trace amounts of water left on concrete, vinyl or wooden floors, other team members use long-handled squeegees to draw it out the nearest door or another exit point.

With a few adjustments to the rate of vacuum speed, we use the same extraction wands to pull water from carpets and between floorboards. Most of our wands also have a heating element, so we can also begin drying carpets and floors at the same time. Once we remove the water, one of our inspectors examines underneath the carpet. If there is a carpet pad and it has already begun to deteriorate, we remove it. In most cases, we find this necessary.

In many cases, there is also excess moisture in the air. If not removed, the high humidity can lead to floor and ceiling trim warping and pull away from the walls. We set up dehumidifiers to lower the air moisture content level. Each machine can draw over 20 gallons of water from the air and surrounding property every 24 hours.

Properly drying a home takes the right tools and training. If you have excess water in your home, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 today. We are here to help.

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Eagle Rock Properties Owners Love SERVPRO's Full Service Water Damage Mitigation and Build Back Services

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

grey dehumidier rigged with manifolds on a hardwood floor With Advanced Equipment, SERVPRO Restores Homes in Eagle Rock to Pre-Loss Condition, "Like it never even happened."

Understanding Water Damage In Your Eagle Rock Home

When it comes to Eagle Rock, California, you are proud to call this area home. You realize that it is not only a great place to own a home because it has a lively location, but also because it is very peaceful and has many notable landmarks. You have come to appreciate the bustling downtown as well as the connection this area has had with the Hollywood stars of the past and present. Thus, if your home ever incurs water damage, you want a solution as quickly as possible, and that is where your local SERVPRO comes in to mitigate the water loss.

The water damage to your Eagle Rock home can become very problematic in a hurry, even if it seems like a minor case. For example, if you have a water leak on from a plumbing failure in the attic, it could mean mold, which can cause health effects. However, there is good news. Our Mold Remediation Contractor License #: CMRC-82464 can remediate the problem. Your local SERVPRO has many tools at its disposal to clean up the water damage in your California home thoroughly.

First of all, we have solid, up-to-date water extraction equipment that is appropriate for any job, large or small. Examples of this would include numerous models of top-notch portable pumps, wet vacs, and a truck-mounted pump. Dehumidification units, air movers, axial fans, and heaters are some other industry-leading tools we have in our arsenal, at the ready stocked inside our box trucks and vans. They make possible the plan of action if there are areas of your home that have been deemed "too far gone" for typical cleanup. Many of our team members are skilled in controlled demolition activities and rebuilding different areas of the home as validated by our General Contractor License #: 999460.  Our team has solid construction prowess. Whatever your unique needs might be, our crews can restore order and make you feel, "Like it never even happened."

Time To Give Us a Call!

If you are encountering a water emergency, it is time to give SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale a call at (323) 255-1000.

We Have The State Of The Art Equipment In Glendale To Handle Your Water Loss

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

Our floor mat drying system removing water beneath the hardwood floors Our experts used the floor mat drying system to remove the moisture trapped beneath the hardwood floor in this home.

Water Damage Cleanup in South Glendale

Water damage is capable of compromising the structural integrity of your Glendale home. Besides your foundation becoming weak, it is quite hard to determine if your plumbing system has a problem. As a result, as a homeowner, you might end up with a leak or a burst pipe in your home that goes unnoticed for months! Moisture facilitates the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause health effects.

If your Glendale home has water damage problems, SERVPRO is a premier mitigation company. To effectively dry your home, SERVPRO techs use state of the art equipment, including electric pumps, dehumidifiers, wet vacuums, and air movers. Our water damage technicians conduct a full assessment of the property, draft a restoration plan, and execute it. With the help of moisture meters, our experienced water removal specialists can determine the actual moisture content in different materials like drywall, ceiling, and other wood materials. Thermal imaging technology helps us inspect any moisture concerns and monitor the drying process in your home. Additionally, this technology helps in fast evaluation of moisture migration, ease the drying process, and provide documentation if the need arises (for example, insurance claims).

Restoring your home into a preloss condition can be an expensive undertaking. As a result, SERVPRO works directly with you and your insurance company. Our restoration specialists aim at making the entire process hassle and stress-free. We have been providing restoration services to homeowners for decades. Ergo, we understand both the insurance claim process and your ideal water restoration needs. At the end of service, we conduct a walkthrough to explain the work done and any potential areas of concern you should keep an eye on.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/ South Glendale is a phone call away to help you recover as soon as possible. Call us at (818) 246 - 2200 and allow us to leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Team Can Solve Any Water Damage Issues In Your Glendale Home

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damage flooring Together, we will work hard, so your home looks, “Like it never even happened.”

Even Small Water Problems Require Professional Services In Glendale

Living in the Los Angeles area is not easy. The cost of living, traffic, and population density are enough to discourage many from venturing west. But once you live in the area, you find a home in the diversity of each of our communities and become energized by the vibrancy of the City of Angels. A house in Glendale offers all the benefits of the greater Los Angeles area while keeping a pleasing feeling of community that allows you to get to know your neighbor and build strong ties. However, it does not preclude homeowners from experiencing the challenges associated with the general upkeep of their properties.

If you ever encounter the need for water cleanup services for your Glendale home, reach out to SERVPRO for help. A broken water pipe may cause damage ranging from a complete loss of carpets and flooring to just an inexplicable wet area on your wall. Regardless of the size or culprit of the situation, reaching out to a professional team helps you gain some peace of mind during the cleanup process. When you call us, our certified technicians arrive at your home to guide the restoration efforts and ensure the safety of your family.

When water seeps into your home from an unexpected source, it is essential to be careful of accumulations not apparent to the naked eye. Excessive water may include that under cabinets or behind wall cavities, which tend to be invisible to the average homeowner. Our SERVPRO staff uses specialized tools to help detect these water deposits and then design a path for it to evaporate and leave your home. Sometimes these hard to reach nooks make our technicians turn to injectidry technology to restore healthy moisture levels in your home, which we monitor carefully using industry-grade tools that inform us of our progress. We worry about all the different options available for drying your house and their suitability so that you do not have to. Our expert team works with you to mitigate your loss as much as possible.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is at your service when emergencies occur. Just call our 24/7 hotline at (323) 255-1000 and allow us into your home. Together, we will work hard, so your home looks, “Like it never even happened.”

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Carpet Cleaning After a Water Loss in Glendale Homes

1/3/2020 (Permalink)

Hallway carpet after water extraction After a proper cleaning, your carpet will look good as new.

Leave it to SERVPRO to take care of water clean up in your home

Part of the full-service solutions that we can offer Glendale homeowners includes the premier cleaning of flooring materials to revitalize their appearance or following loss incidents. Our SERVPRO team has multiple maintenance approaches for carpeting, including bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction, but do the most for your flooring with restorative cleaning techniques like deluxe precondition and rinse.

Water cleanup in Glendale homes can take many forms, but restoring carpeted areas is an essential goal for our team after a loss incident. Carpets are highly absorbent, which can make them a challenge to thoroughly dry and recover after standing water threats. With Category 1 or 2 water losses, the danger of residues and other soiling demands restorative cleaning practices to make the effects “Like it never even happened.”

Much like the effective maintenance cleaning solutions like hot water extraction that our SERVPRO professionals can offer to homes looking for revitalization and improved appearances, deluxe precondition and rinse also utilizes supporting equipment like our portable or truck-mount extractor. Instead of immediate removal, however, we can loosen soiling and residues with the application of a pre-cleaning agent that sits in the carpet for up to 15 minutes before removal.

Once this period has passed, we can rinse away emulsified soils and residues and extract it from the carpeted areas of the house. When treated quickly, this cleaning method can not only save your carpeting from staining and ultimate removal, but can also reduce the presence and spread of contaminants, bacteria, and microbes following a substantial water loss incident.

Effective drying and carpet cleaning always begin with extraction and preliminary drying efforts that play a role in water restoration mitigation. With the appropriate placement of extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers, our team can gain control of humid or damp areas of the property. Once we have brought relative humidity levels and moisture content to acceptable parameters, we can begin work on recovering areas like the carpets.  

After a water loss incident, soils, residues, and contaminants can exist that threaten the property and its contents. Our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale team can help with effective drying and cleaning techniques, including restorative carpet cleaning. Give us a call today at (323) 255-1000.

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A Guide to Drying Cabinets After Water Damage in Your Glendale Home.

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen with cream colored cabinets and drawers.  SERVPRO will get your Cabinets right back after your Glendale water damage.

We know exactly what your Glendale cabinets will need after water damage.

Cabinets in a home easily sustain water damage because of their proximity to plumbing lines and water sources. An overflowing sink in your kitchen or bathroom can cause water to get trapped under the cabinets and wall cavities. Almost all materials that water touches can sustain damage and require some restoration work.

Drying the cabinets after water damage in your Glendale is essential. Not all cabinets can be salvaged, depending on the materials used to build them. If your cabinets are made from particleboard, they may not be salvageable since this material crumbles and swells when saturated with water. However, if they are made of hardwood or plywood, they can withstand water exposure and can be salvaged. It is crucial to dry the cabinets using proper techniques to prevent permanent damage. To ensure effective drying of the cabinets, you can take the following steps:

  • Remove all items from the cabinets to assess the extent of damage and be able to get rid of excess water.
  • Use towels to soak up excess water in the cabinets by wiping and drying the cabinet interiors.
  • Take off cabinet doors to allow airflow into the cabinet for faster drying. Taking off the cabinet doors can also prevent the weight of the doors from pulling on wet wood, which can cause more damage.

Drying walls and floors behind or under cabinetry is difficult. The several layers of drywall and cabinet back lengthen the time it takes to dry walls behind cabinets. Seeking help from SERVPRO water damage restoration experts is advisable. We can evaluate the extent of water damage and take the right steps to remove the water and moisture. The way cabinets are constructed also affects drying. If there is no back on cabinets, our crew can make holes in the wall so that air can circulate in the wall cavity. Similarly, if the cabinets have a back, we can make holes in the cabinet back. After drying, we patch up the holes.

We can use an air mover, such as the Dri-Eaz Velo Air Mover, to speed up the drying process and allow airflow into the cabinets. It offers multiple operating positions and is suitable for drying cabinets, floors, walls, stairways, and crawl spaces. Our technicians can also use Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers to reduce humidity to prevent mold growth, which is common after water intrusion incidents. Our SERVPRO crew can also perform a full-scale reconstruction of the affected areas, making the destruction seem, “Like it never even happened.”

If there is water damage in your Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles, or Atwater Village home, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is ready to help. Contact us 24/7 at (323) 255-1000 for prompt restoration services.

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Your Best Guide to Water Damage Remediation Success in Glendale

9/15/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged living room If water damage or flooding affects a room in your home, it's time to call SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Water Cleanup Glendale – Minimizing Damage to Your Property

Many property owners start water cleanup before realizing that the job is just too big to do by themselves. Contents remain wet for too long a period. Mold may start to appear, and some items may be permanently damaged if not dried quickly. Business owners understand that fast reaction to water damage can minimize the time they're out of commission.

SERVPRO encourages clients with water cleanup in Glendale to call us immediately. We can respond with 24-hour emergency services. Our focus is to mitigate the amount of water damage, save your contents, and return your home or office to its original condition. "Like it never even happened," as quickly as possible.

Fast Response

The more time contents and structures are exposed to water; the greater the damage is going to be. Carpets may separate from the backing. Moisture may seep into drywall requiring removal of baseboards and some or all of the walls. Fabrics and documents are soaked and in some situations, may not be recoverable.

Our crew chief quickly assesses the situation and deploys water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers to dry your home or office. He may need to set up a separate staging area to move your wet contents for further processing and drying. The staging area may be in another part of your home or office or at our SERVPRO facilities. SERVPRO discusses all proposals with our client before implementing.

Full Reconstruction and Building Repair Services

The quick response, the deployment of equipment, resources, staging, and attention to detail all contribute to minimizing the overall damage. On occasion, removal of carpeting, structural elements, and more may be needed. Our SERVPRO franchise can provide a full range of reconstruction services. We are licensed (General Contractor License #: 999460) and provide restoration services for full structural damage repair and rebuild services.

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Atwater Village, Highland Park, Northeast Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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What is Secondary Damage From a Broken Water Pipe in Glendale

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold behind wallpaper Water leaks can cause mold growth. Call SERVPRO if you experience water damage in your home.

Performing Water Removal in Your Glendale Residence Quickly Can Prevent Further Damage 

A mishap such as frozen or broken plumbing can cause water to pool in different parts of your Glendale home. It is critical to stop the source of the leak before the water spreads to the whole house. To control water damage, you need effective water removal. You can seek expert help to remove all the water from your home. 

If you are dealing with a water intrusion incident, do not worry. SERVPRO has the skills and tools to perform water removal in your Glendale residence. Water can destroy drywall, cabinets, furniture, floors, and upholstery. If you do not remove the water quickly, it can lead to moist conditions which increase the chance of mold infestation. Do not let a water loss situation develop into a big, expensive problem. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can fix the issue as quickly as possible. To offer effective water removal services, we take a few steps, such as:       

  • Determining the source of the leak
  • Checking the extent of damage to contain the affected areas
  • Removing ruined materials
  • Extracting the water, drying, and decontaminating the affected areas 

We know the importance of keeping the cost of water damage restoration low. Therefore, our technicians extract the water as fast as possible to expedite the drying process and reduce the chances of secondary damage like mold growth occurring. We use the right equipment depending on the extent of the damage. 

We use portable pumps that help us extract the water in a home. If the standing water in your home is over two inches deep, we use a submersible pump with adequate volume capacity and lift capacity. We pump water directly into a treated sewer like a septic system or toilet. It is also crucial to dry a house and its contents quickly. Some factors that affect the time required to dry a building and its contents are: 

  • Humidity
  • Air movement
  • The amount of water that needs evaporating
  • Temperature 

We control these factors to achieve successful drying. Our technicians remove as much water as possible, maintain the relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent, keep the temperature between 70 and 80 degrees, and move wet air away from surfaces. 

Our technicians use tools such as hygrometers and moisture detectors to measure the level of moisture in walls and ceilings. If there is moisture in the walls and ceilings, we create an all-inclusive drying plan to eliminate it. We also treat furniture and carpets right away to prevent microbial growth. We have the expertise to make the water damage seem “Like it never even happened.”   

If a water loss incident has happened in your Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles or Atwater Village property, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/ South Glendale can help you restore it to the preloss state. You can reach us at (323) 255-1000 for prompt restoration services. 

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Our Experts Explain How We Deal With Damage Caused By An Overflowing Bathtub In Your Glendale Home

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Our certified experts can determine the extent of the damage and work quickly to restore your home to its preloss condition.

How To Handle Water Damage In Your Glendale Home Caused By An Overflowing Bathtub

Water can spill over the edge of a bathtub after someone leaves the bathtub faucet running accidentally. This can happen if the person leaves the tub plugged and the water runs for several hours. It could be your fault or that of a child playing without adult supervision.

Do not worry if this happens because most homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for an accidental or sudden loss like water damage from a running faucet. If your home in Glendale has serious water damage caused by an overflowing bathtub, it is advisable to hire professionals who can help you dry the affected areas to prevent further destruction. The professionals at SERVPRO can assist you to restore your residence to its normal condition.

If the bathroom is upstairs, water from the tub could create small bubbles in the ceiling of the rooms below. If this occurs, the ceiling could begin leaking water and get discolored, and you could incur some expensive repair bills. The ceiling could also sag if a large amount of water leaks. Bathtub overflow can also ruin drywall easily, causing it to weaken beyond recovery. The water could also ruin your flooring, particularly if it is made of wood or linoleum.

SERVPRO franchise professionals have the tools required to remove water and moisture from your bathroom and other affected areas. When we arrive at your property, we can assess the damage and negotiate with your insurance firm to help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. We can then take steps to restore your home. We can remove as much standing water as possible using wet/dry vacuums so that the affected areas can dry quickly.

We can then use air movers to direct airflow on the affected areas, causing evaporation to occur. Our technicians place these high-powered fans on various areas of a property to dry floors, walls, and other affected areas. Our Technicians can also replace or repair any damaged building materials like drywall and ceiling tiles. After we complete the work, the damage can appear “Like it never even happened.”

If your property has water damage, contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale through our emergency hot-line at (323) 255-1000. Our certified experts can determine the extent of the damage and work quickly to restore your home to its preloss condition.

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Call Our Crew If You Have A Water Damage Emergency In Your Glendale Home

4/6/2019 (Permalink)

Our emergency technicians are available 24/7 to help.

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Glendale

Spring in Glendale means the rainy season is nearing its end, but that is no reason to not be careful. Mere inches of rain, even in otherwise dry climates, can affect your home in ways you may not expect. When water damage from springtime rain leaves the kitchen in your Glendale home with a soggy ceiling, that minor leak can become a habitat for mold if left unchecked for more than 48 hours.

If you have water damage in your Glendale home, you need a professional team that addresses the problem with care to repair damage and mitigate any further issues. Our team has over 40 years of experience and is staffed with trained disaster cleanup professionals that stand ready to address any mold, water, storm, or fire damage in your home in just 24 hours.

After you call your local SERVPRO, our certified technicians can use an array of tools including moisture sensors, meters, and thermo-hygrometers to evaluate moisture levels. Once high-moisture areas in your home are identified, the real work can begin. A ceiling that is sagging or retaining water may have weep holes drilled into it to improve air circulation during the drying process.

If the water damage on your ceiling has leaked onto your tile floor, extraction is used to remove any standing water. For small localized cleanups such as this, portable extractors work quickly. The more moisture that is picked up now aids in hastening the drying phase.

Drying is crucial, and SERVPRO uses air movers and dehumidifiers working in tandem to eliminate moisture quickly. The air movers accelerate the rate at which moisture from wet surfaces accumulates in the air. This moisture is then absorbed by the dehumidifiers and turn the accumulated humid air into warm, dry air.

Once the affected area has been dried properly, disinfecting and deodorization of the kitchen begins. This process not only gets rid of odors, but eliminates the risk of mold developing in your ceiling, floor, or subflooring. Two types of deodorizers are commonly used: ULV foggers, which rely on an atomizer to deodorize and access hard-to-reach spaces; and thermal foggers, which release a dense fog of deodorant solution in order to address odors. EPA-registered disinfectant with antimicrobial and antifungal properties may be used instead for more contained damage.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale serves the local area for water damage cleanup. Our emergency technicians are available 24/7 to help. Get started now by calling (323) 255-1000.

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Don't Let Water Damage in Your Glendale Home Slow Your Life Down

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water gets in the worst possible places during an emergency. Call SERVPRO for all your water damage restoration needs.

Emergency Clean Water Removal Services for your Glendale Property

Clean water emergencies are when excessive quantities of water are in the home, but the water itself is not contaminated. Usually, an emergency like this is the result of a broken or burst pipe in your interior plumbing. It can even be caused by something as simple as a broken faucet which has flooded a specific area of the home. Nevertheless, you should seek professional help to ensure the migration of water has not entered wall cavities or saturated subfloors.

A good service for water removal in Glendale is one that can respond quickly in an emergency. The sooner you bring in professional help, the sooner they can take actions to prevent permanent damages. Using portable water extraction equipment, SERVPRO technicians can dry significant amounts of water without harming your fittings or carpets.

Moisture quickly migrates, moving from wet to dry. Carpets, which are composed of porous materials, can let water seep beneath your subfloor and increase the risk of secondary damages like mold growth. SERVPRO can remove your carpets without damaging them to inspect and remediate the subfloor.

The process of remediating the subfloor is essential to ensuring permanent damages are kept to a minimum. We do this by first removing and disposing of your subfloor mat. Attaching a squeegee to a water extractor and drying any moisture from beneath can prevent water stagnating over time or worse mold growth.

Even in clean water emergencies, unpleasant odors can occur. These odors are often the result of loosening debris, dust or mold that occurs during the standard cleaning procedure. Often, odors disappear once the affected area returns to its preloss conditions. Sometimes they remain. SERVPRO has IICRC certificate holders in odor control and can use thermal foggers to vaporize odor neutralizing solvents. In enclosed spaces, we can lay pellets to mask or eliminate unpleasant smells.

Clean water emergencies can happen at any time, when they do, contact SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (323) 255-1000.

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Your Best Guide to Glendale Water Damage Remediation Decisions After an Incident

10/28/2018 (Permalink)

Wet sheetrock can quickly break down, crumble and even harbor mold. Call SERVPRO to remediate any damages after a water damage event.

Deciding Whether to Restore or Replace Your Items During Water Damage Restoration in Glendale

There are many factors we look at when drying your water damaged property. Though some may imagine that the procedures we use to restore properties are the same, it may not be true. It is necessary to understand that different homes have different contents and structural components that need different restoration procedures. For instance, the method we use to restore ceiling tiles might be completely different from what we use to restore hardwood floors. We are going at some of cleanup and drying technique we use when restoring buildings in Glendale.
Extended time may be needed when restoring the layers of sheetrock in your water damaged Glendale home. If our SERVPRO technicians do their estimations and find out that the additional time costs more than the replacement option, we may advise you to do a replacement. If we have to dry the sheetrock, then we have to monitor its progress using a penetrating moisture meter. We are careful when handling wet drywall since it is so fragile and gains stability as it becomes dry. When necessary, we can patch holes and introduce air movers to enhance air circulate and increase the rate of evaporation.
It is less costly to remove ceiling tiles when compared to drying them. Usually, water leaves the tiles with stains and also makes them bow. Acoustical tiles do not withstand moisture, so, we may advise you to replace them with other types that are more resistant to such factors. We have to remove the ceiling tiles so that air circulation can take place above the gridlines. Older ceiling tiles may contain asbestos, so, we are extra careful when handling them.
We make sure the structure is completely dry before replacing the ceiling tiles and sheetrock. If the humidity of the structure is still high, we may perform dehumidification to lower it. Introducing heaters and air movers is another way of reducing the structure’s drying time.
Choose SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale when you need highly trained and experienced technicians to clean and dry your home after a disaster. Contact us at (818) 244-6005 to learn more about our commercial and residential restoration services.

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The Advantages Of Hiring SERVPRO To Repair Your Water Damaged Glendale Home

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can seep through the carpets, walls, and floors.

Save Your Flooring and Wall Structure From Water Damage In Glendale

Imagine having a beautiful home that was struck by a leaky roof, rain, bad plumbing, or laundry gone wrong. When water hits the foundation, it brings a ripple of madness to your home. Water damage can seep through the carpets, walls, and floors. If left unmanaged, It can decrease the value of your real estate.

The most challenging part about restoring water damage in Glendale is saving your walls. The walls are very delicate and a slight spilled of water can ruin its infrastructure and cause it to crack. When water dries up, it can cause your walls to weaken, rot, or fall apart. However, thorough removal of water from your walls often requires advanced technology and experience.

It is essential to move quickly by calling SERVPRO technicians to your residential area to access the situation. Once these techs arrive, they can immediately begin the mitigation process to reduce the damage. They can identify the category and classification to ensure that the restoration process follows the industry guidelines. They can examine the walls for potential destructions and remove and replace the walls if it is unsalvageable. They can also check other areas of the house like the carpet pad to see if it needs to be removed or not. This step is crucial to ensure that the subflooring is well-protected.

The technicians can utilize their expertise and inspect the extent of moisture in the flooring, subflooring, and the walls. They can use the extractor, which is a state of the art tool that can help clean the carpets and floors. The equipment is portable so it can cover a vast infrastructure and is powerful enough to extract a tremendous amount of water from your floor and carpet. Once the SERVPRO techs have completed their job, they can walk you through your entire house to make sure that you're satisfied with the work.

If you are ready to save your floors and carpet from water damage, then give SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale a call at (818) 244-6005 for a consultation with our reliable technicians. We can promptly send a restoration specialist to your residential area.

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Water Damage Often Causes Odor Problems in Glendale Properties

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can leave an unpleasant odor in your home long after the damage has been mitigated. Contact SERVPRO right away for odor elimination.

SERVPRO Enlists an Entire Group of Technicians Who Deal Primarily with Odor Elimination After Water Damage

After water enters into areas of your Glendale area home where it can cause problems, they might seem to grow in magnitude. This happens because water can create soft spots in flooring and other materials that take time to become noticeable. Affected drywall, stucco, and other wall types can also crumble, become stained, warp and bubble, lose their paint in flakes that show up on floors, and exhibit bubbled wallpaper coverings. Other problems are not seen but noticed in other ways.

If your home has had problems with water damage in Glendale, you might experience ongoing odor problems. Even after extraction of the water and the drying out of your home and furnishings occurred, odors can persist. Your home's interior might seem picture-perfect, but lingering odors can cause you to realize that a problem still plagues your home. The longer water sat inside your home, the more persistent these odors can seem to you.
Deodorization by SERVPRO technicians can help complete the restoration process by removing the odors caused by the extended presence of water. Even after the physical removal of microorganisms and other odor-causing substances takes place, odor often remains a problem. We use different methods to ensure our customers' satisfaction with the results. It is important to us that you find your home's restoration work acceptable.
SERVPRO's Odor Control Technician (OCT) solves problem odors left behind by water damage through different methods. Sometimes, odors develop during the long curing process of new adhesives used in the restoration process. Depending on the source of the odor, or sources when more than one causes problems for your family, our OCT's methods could include different techniques, or combinations, to clear the air in your home of offensive odors.
When adhesives such as those used in carpeting or other components of your home cause problems, injecting the carpet's pad with odor-killing agents can help immensely. When adhesives that bonded plastic components to the framework of your home, placing deodorizing gel packs may work – when these cannot fit, injecting similar agents into the cracks often resolves the problem.
However, not all odors come from discoverable sources, or we find them too widespread to utilize a solution that relies on a topical approach. When this situation occurs, we use machines that generate hydroxyl gas to eliminate these odors no matter their location. Hydroxyl molecules bond with odor-causing ones and makes a larger, heavier molecule. Because it now weighs more, becoming airborne and causing odors can no longer happen.
SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale wants to ensure that your home's restoration after water damage is complete, including the elimination of bothersome odors that persist. Call us at (818) 244-6005 to stop experiencing these problems.

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Water Extraction and Drying are Important to Water Damage Restoration

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Small leaks under the sink can suddenly gush water and leave your home facing water damage. Call the technicians at SERVPRO right away.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Dry Out Your Property After a Water Damage Emergency 

The pipe under the sink in your downstairs Glendale bathroom broke. Water ran from the bathroom and wet the carpeting in the adjoining bedroom. The carpeting is moist, which can pose a massive problem if you are slow to act. To avoid further problems such as mold growth, call in the professionals right away. Responding quick can help reduce water damage issues in your home. During the inspection, the technician can use a moisture sensor to detect if the padding is wet. The sharp probes penetrate the surface of the carpet. When moisture is present, the sensor beeps and a light flashes. Moisture sensors are ideal for helping prevent mold issues.  
IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians use water damage removal extractors in Glendale in many cases like this to remove as much water as possible from wet carpeting. The three extractors we use to remove water from structures are heater, pump, and vacuum. During this type of water damage mitigation, technicians can use the vacuum extractor. Extractors are either truck mounted or portable. Both work the same and efficiently remove water from wet carpeting. Our trained technicians examine the affected area to determine what equipment is best to use in various situations. When there is a water breach such as a pipe burst, extracting water is essential to restoring the home.
In accord with water removal, drying is also a vital step in water damage restoration. Thorough extraction helps reduce drying time, which is why it may take several passes before the carpet is ready for the drying aspect. Without proper drying, within two days, mold starts to grow. SERVPRO stresses the importance of air movement in water damage restoration. Though air movers can be disruptive due to their loudness, homeowners must leave them on during the drying phase to ensure the measured level of dryness set by the technicians. Air movers restore carpeting by quickly evaporating moisture and by generating a steady and circular flow of air into the home environment. The air mover dries moisture in the air and helps accelerate the drying process.  
Extra drying may be needed. Due to significant soaking, delamination may occur. Typically, glue separates from the backing when overly wet. When this happens, technicians use a technique called “floating.” During this process, carpeting is slightly pulled up from the tack strips along the wall to allow air movers to blow warm air directly under the carpet. The carpeting may “float” to some degree. “Floating” helps increase evaporation and helps lessen drying time. Fast drying can prevent delamination.  
SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale uses professional extraction and drying equipment. Contact us at (818) 244-6005 for any size water emergency.

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A Burst Pipe Inside of Your Glendale Crawl Space May Leave You in Need of Water Removal Services

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage in your crawlspace can cause structural damage, as well as help proliferate a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Dry Out Your Property to Help Prevent Any Secondary Damages

When a pipe that runs through your crawl space bursts and creates a need for professional water removal services, the situation can be challenging. Crawl Spaces are small and can be difficult to maneuver inside of, which can make it hard to remove the still water from within it. However, settling to try and take the water out yourself with an everyday wet/dry vacuum might not be very practical, and the equipment to dry the space thoroughly is very pricey. Hiring professional services can save you money on this cost and makes sure that the job is thoroughly done.
Removing the water from your Glendale crawl space may not be easy, but it is essential to get it out of your home. Leaving the water for prolonged amounts of time can cause the potential for mold growth to rise. If the floor of your crawl space is a dirt floor, the mixture can cause mud to form, making it even harder to operate inside. Excessive water can rust any metal that is inside of the space, especially around the piping. To avoid complications caused by the initial problem it is best to get the water out as soon as possible.
SERVPRO can arrive at your home to begin the removal very soon after your initial call. Our team of IICRC-certified techs can investigate the damage and devise the best plan for the unique size and placement of your crawl space. SERVPRO uses advanced equipment like extractors and portable pumps to remove the water. If there is a low enough spot in your crawl space, we can even use a submersible pump to drain water from the area. Our goal is to get the water out as quickly as possible, and these tools allow us to do so.
Do not hesitate if a burst pipe leaves any part of your home flooded with water that needs removal. Dial SERVPRO of Eagle Rock and South Glendale at (818) 244-6005. We strive to arrive quickly to get the work started.

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Water Damage Professionals Based Out of Glendale

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

Call on the certified professionals at SERVPRO to restore your water damaged home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Professionals Thoroughly Dry Out Your Home after Water Damage

During any water-related issue that takes place inside your Glendale home, the drying process is vital. Materials could lose structural integrity if they stay saturated for an extended period. Mold growth could also occur if organic materials get left with a high moisture content for more than 48 hours.

However, though essential, the drying stage is not the first step taken during the restoration process. First, SERVPRO's water damage technicians in Glendale stop the problem from its source and make sure the work area is safe for all occupants. Next, we extract any standing water and pull any moisture out of carpet or upholstery.

After our IICRC certified technicians extract as much water as possible, the drying process begins. When completing a structural dry-out, we attempt to create the ideal environment for evaporation and drying. We speed up the natural evaporation process by using air movers to create circular air flow. The air movers accelerate evaporation by replacing moist air coming off of contents into warm, dry air.

If a water-damaged structure has an interior relative humidity of 60% or higher, dehumidifiers often get used in the drying process. Dehumidifiers get implemented to pull water vapor from the air and lower the building's relative humidity. As water coming from saturated materials evaporates into the air, the dehumidifier removes the water from the air until the structure and contents are dry.

Dehumidifiers are rated by how many gallons of water they remove from a given space in 24 hours at a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 60%. As a general rule the higher the temperature and relative humidity in a building are, the more efficiently the dehumidifier works. Often we turn the heat up inside your home when drying so that the air is in between 68 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers are the most common type used and efficiently drop the relative humidity in a structure to 40 gpp. Low-grain refrigerants or LGR's are refrigerant dehumidifiers that drop humidity levels below 40 gpp. Desiccant dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels much lower than refrigerant ones but possibly dry out wood to the point that it cracks.

Depending on the specific drying situation, the best type of dehumidification equipment gets used. For help from the professionals when drying out problems with water inside your home, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale at (818) 244-6005 any time of the day.

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Could You Need Light Water Removal from Your Glendale Home?

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

A single leaking pipe can cause extensive damage, it is always a good idea to call SERVPRO to assess your water damage situation.

Rely on SERVPRO When Water Damage in Your Home is More than You Can Handle

Water removal from a Glendale home can happen from any amount of water, not just a big flood. Something as small as a single pipe leak could warrant a professional water removal job in your home. While some puddles and issues dry up on their own, it can sometimes be difficult to tell when you should contact a company like SERVPRO to take care of things. If you are ever feeling unsure, give us a call for our advice, or check if you meet any of these conditions.

Relative Humidity is Excessively High

Extraordinarily high relative humidity in your home in Glendale could warrant water removal services. Humidity in most American homes stays very low, ranging from complete dryness to around 40% RH. If your home feels humid, or if you can test the humidity and find it to be unusually high, objects and materials around the house might be at risk of developing severe damage if they remain exposed to water droplets in the air for much longer. SERVPRO provides fast and inexpensive dehumidification services if humidity is the only problem in your home, as well as thorough checks to make sure there are no other types of damage in the building.

Areas are Warped and Discolored

Warping and discoloring of any kind of material can be a crucial indicator of water damage. When water first soaks into a material and later dries up, it causes that material to warp, bend, and change, causing visible physical alterations to the object or surface in question. If you find inexplicable patches that match these conditions, they are probably the result of past or present water in your home.

Any Surface is Moist to the Touch

If you find a wall, floor, ceiling, or any other surface that is moist to the touch without any apparent explanation, chances are that this moisture may be related to a persistent water damage problem such as a leak. Investigate the spot a bit more to make sure it is not a temporary patch of moisture, and call SERVPRO if you feel that more water than meets the eye may be in your home.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale has provided the local community with expert water removal services for years. For our help in your home, contact us at (818) 244-6005.

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Use Water Removal Strategies to Save Your Glendale Home from an Overflown Tub

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Leaving the water running in your tub is a very common accident that can happen to any busy person. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians are Available Around the Clock to Dry Out Your Property Because Accidents Happen

Sometimes, bad days start out as a rushed morning from oversleeping and then grow progressively worse. Finding yourself pressed for time in the morning can make you skip certain steps to get out the door of your Glendale home on time. Skipping the kids' bath after turning on the faucet can lead to water pouring over the side of your tub - water that flows all day long.
Whenever water-related emergencies arise and threaten a home, correct water removal methods in Glendale help set the stage for the additional steps needed to dry out the residence. While carrying out the steps follows a certain pattern, rushing through to save time can become detrimental later on. Each step has its own equipment, making teamwork easy and highly streamlined.
Saving time by adhering to the steps outlined as we earned our IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) decreases the amount of time water remains present and able to damage your home's interior. By speeding up the process as much as we feasibly can, SERPVPRO can also decrease the time your family might need substitute shelter with friends or family members. Our goal is to make it “Like it never even happened” so your family can get back to normal activities and routines.
The steps used begin with eliminating standing water and then progress toward extraction and elimination of the humidity in the air within your home. Applying low, steady heat to flat surfaces such as walls and floors, the evaporation rate is accelerated. We measure the moisture levels within the ceiling in homes when the tub's location is on the second floor. We use dehumidifiers until the moisture level returns to normal. Drying carpets according to the best methods for their design and manufacture helps raise our success rate. Padding is salvaged when possible, with more recent installation meaning a higher success rate. Older padding, however, generally disintegrates when saturated.
SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale can assist with any size water removal task. Our equipment's design and technology help us provide our customers with fast work conducted by professional employees. Contact us at (818) 244-6005 for water emergencies whenever they happen in your home.

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Weakened Materials in a Home are Classic Signs of Water Damage in Glendale

8/8/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the tools to find the source of the water and remediate the damage.

Water Damage in your Home

Water affects building materials in a manner that is generally adverse. Even metal, which is non-porous, can suffer rust and corrosion after exposure to water. Rust can take a few days to develop, but porous items show the effects of contact with water much more quickly.

When your Glendale home suffers from water damage, both the safety and the interior aesthetics of your home decrease. Water damage can create ugly stains on walls and ceilings, soggy spots in floors, and unpleasant smells and odors that permeate and fill the air. Getting rid of these problems and others which water creates is what the technicians at SERVPRO train for, resulting in certifications and skills that benefit you and your family.

Water damage has a source, and an important part of mitigating damage related to water includes locating that source and ensuring that it no longer poses a threat. Our use of hygrometers and infrared scanning equipment can reveal these hidden sources to us. Once we have this information, stopping the influx of water in the future is easy to accomplish.

Water can create problems anywhere it is found in a home, including carpeting and other textiles. Drapes can lose color, and eventually, dry rot, crumbling when touched. Carpets and rugs can unravel when the glue in their backing dissolves. Stored clothing can become inundated with mildew spots. Moreover, these are only the problems that textiles can experience.

Your home's structure must be solid and strong to protect your family. SERVPRO technicians know how to restore this strength to your home's structure, piece by piece. Each type of material must be restored according to type, and also in keeping with current building codes. We always stay current with these requirements, assuring our customers that the finished work passes final inspections when required.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is locally owned and operated, making us Faster To Any Size Disaster, including the ones that threaten your home. Call us at (818) 244-6005 whenever your home suffers from water damage or other catastrophes.

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Dangers of a Leaking Toilet in Your Eagle Rock Home

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Toilet water is contaminated and needs to be handled with care. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage quickly.

SERVPRO Handles BOTH Clean and Contaminated Water Damage Restoration

A toilet which is overflowing can present all kinds of dangers to your home and family. It is important that you quickly call an expert remediation specialist, such as SERVPRO, right away because the water coming from the toilet is moderately to highly contaminated. It is good to be aware of the risks if you do not ensure toilet overflow is cleaned up promptly.
When water which is contaminated seeps into places which should always be dry, it can cause a lot of water damage to metal and wood sections of your Eagle Rock home. Wood which is damp all the time attracts pests and becomes brittle, plus cracks can form, and the wood can begin to flake off. It can also absorb and retain odors from the water. On the other hand, metals are susceptible to corrosion. The rusting process goes faster with contaminated water. It weakens the iron components of your home and compromises the overall stability.
Mold can begin growing due to the damp and wet surfaces. It can form colonies on wallpaper, drywall, wood, and other surfaces. Mold can cause adverse health effects and needs to be cleaned up by our technicians at SERVPRO as soon as possible. We use special tools to find any hidden moisture and mold growth, plus sanitizers after the mold is cleaned up to keep it from continuing to grow.
Rugs and carpets are not made to be under heavy water. The water weakens latex which holds the backings together, making them susceptible to tears, rips, and delamination. Many times, our staff can use restoration methods to salvage these items.
When water contacts electrical outlets and wiring, you have an electrical hazard on your hands. Don’t let anyone into the area before the professionals come out if you see water close to wires and sockets. You are also dealing with a fire hazard, since water short circuits electrical systems, making sparks which can ignite close to combustibles.
When your toilet is overflowing, it is important to call us at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale right away since you are dealing with so many possible dangers. We can be reached anytime you need just by dialing (818) 244-6005.

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Repairing Water Damage in Your Glendale Ceiling

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Leaks Lead to Water Damage in Glendale Homes. Call SERVPRO for Restoration

SERVPRO Has the Technicians and Tools to Mitigate WaterDamage to Your Home

Water damage in your ceiling happens because of a pipe running in the ceiling bursting or from roof leaks. In a home with two levels or more, if an upper level is flooded, the water damage likely goes through the ceiling to the lower floor.

Water damage in your Glendale home’s ceiling can cause discoloration from the dampness to a complete disintegration of the material. If this element remains wet for a few days, mold can begin to grow, which can be hazardous to the health of you and your family. That is why it is important to handle water damage in your ceiling right away. You need to get a hold of a professional water damage remediation company, like SERVPRO, who can properly repair the damage as well as dry out your home.
While you are waiting for them to arrive, check to see if the water is running close to any electrical wiring. Shut the supply to the power off to avoid being shocked. Be cautious when walking under a ceiling which might be holding sufficient water to collapse on you. If possible, avoid the area altogether. A ceiling that is water damaged is soft and cold to the touch.
When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, we first take a moisture reading to determine the extent of the damage. If a leak in the roof has caused the damage, the roof needs to be repaired right away, weather permitting. For small repairs, we can handle this step, or we tarp the damaged area as necessary and work with other professionals who can properly repair your roof.
After the leak is repaired, no matter the source, cleanup begins by removing all materials that are wet such as insulation and sheetrock. Any swelling, loose, or peeling plaster and drywall is scraped away. Any elements of the damaged area which are salvageable are dried with dehumidifiers, heaters, and air movers from our arsenal of equipment.

With SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale, you can be sure that your home is dried out and repaired thoroughly and efficiently after ceiling water damage. You can easily reach us when you dial (818) 244-6005.

Maintain Your Gutters to Prevent Water Damage to your Highland Park Home

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Yearly gutter cleaning can prevent damage both inside and outside of your home. If you have water damage, SERVPRO can quickly remediate.

Regular House Maintenance can Help the Homeowner Avoid Damage in the Long Run

The cleaning of your gutters is one home maintenance project which should never be overlooked. Not maintaining your gutters can cause major problems for your home. Clogged gutters lead to expensive water damage repairs when left untreated.
Foundation Damage
The main purpose of your gutter system is to channel water off your roof and away from the foundation of your home to avoid water damage. A blockage can make water pour over the sides of the gutters and pool around your Highland Park home’s foundation. The water can create cracks in the foundation over time, potentially resulting in collapse. If the foundation does not fail, however, the water can still cause the growth of mold. If this happens, you need the professionals at SERVPRO to fix the damage from the overflowing water, including any possible mold growth.
Wood Damage
The fascia boards which hold the gutter system together are usually made of wood. When your gutters clog and fill with water, the boards begin deteriorating and rotting. If your home has wood siding, clogged gutters also can cause water to overflow out and down the sides of your home.
Landscape Damage
When gutters clog and spill over with water, it can land in flower beds, shrubbery, or small trees surrounding the base of your home.
Cleaning your gutters is a simple task, but many homeowners skip over it, which can be dangerous since your gutters are the first thing defending your home against water damage. If you have mistakenly neglected your gutters and are facing water damage to your home because of it, our professional technicians at SERVPRO can help you to correct the problem, plus dry out your home and fix the damages.
When you choose to clean your gutters yourself, be careful when going up or down a ladder and walking on your roof. The right size ladder is needed to make the job safer, but also be sure you know how to use it correctly.
You can also hire a professional to clean the gutters for you if you are not comfortable going up and doing it yourself. It is a job that is rather affordable, especially compared to the water damage you could suffer from if you do not clean your gutters.
A professional cleaning of your gutters should include the removal of all debris from the gutters, roof, and downspouts, plus an overall check of the condition of your gutters and repairing any gutter spikes which have become loose.
When your gutters do cause water damage to your home, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale is standing by to help. We are easily reached at any time by dialing (818) 244-6005, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Where Maintenance can Keep Your Eagle Rock Home Free of Floods

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Washing machines can quickly dump large volumes of water on your floor. Call SERVPRO to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians can Protect Your Home from Water Damage with Timely Inspections

Keeping certain objects and systems in your home clean, repaired, and modern is the first step in securing the structure from future floods and disasters. Most floods start not from storms or natural disasters but from failures within the home, many of which are easily preventable with regular checkups and maintenance. Having SERVPRO or another qualified company evaluate these critical systems could end up saving you thousands of dollars in restoration costs and weeks of headaches from restorations.
Water Pipes and Lines
One of the most easily preventable sources of water damage in Eagle Rock comes from the water pipes that run through and around your home. These pipes, typically made of copper, steel, or other non-oxidizing metals, can be prone to cracks, leaks, and outright bursts if left without maintenance for too long. Potential triggers include freezing temperatures, physical dents and impacts, or simple degradation over time. Having a trained eye running through and checking in on these systems once every few years can prevent most of the catastrophic failures we deal with regularly.
Washing Machines and Dishwashers
Large appliances that use high volumes of water such as washing machines, dishwashers, and some refrigerators are also common sources of flooding in homes nationwide. Again, water lines can rip or break, or the machines themselves can malfunction and spill water across the floor. SERVPRO inspectors know where to look for potential signs of failure, and these items usually don't take long at all to service.
Gutters and Drainage Systems
Gutters and drainage systems can get clogged up and bogged down by packed debris, potentially causing light to moderate water damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. Gutters can be checked and cleaned with just a ladder and some gloves, but some drains might take specialty equipment and more thorough work to analyze thoroughly.
SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is a locally-owned company with national resources, ready to respond at a moment's notice to water damage in your home. Call us 24/7 at (818) 244-6005.

Plumbing Problems Can Cause Water Damage In Glendale

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Rusted Garbage Disposal in Glendale Leads to Water Damage

SERVPRO Professionally Restores Your Water Damaged Property

If your dishwasher or garbage disposal springs a leak, you can be looking at water damage within cabinets and across your flooring in addition to compromised plumbing. Areas below your kitchen or wet bar can also sustain soaked walls and ceilings. SERVPRO can stop the leak and began the recovery effort within hours of contacting us any time of the day or night. When you place your plumbing leak problem in our hands, we act fast, assessing the situation and making a plan that will have you back in the kitchen enjoying good times with friends and family, rather than mopping and dealing with unpleasant odors.

Dirty dishwater or food debris can swiftly change clean water to a contaminated condition. Our fast response often can contain water damage in Glendale to a moisture problem only, a straightforward issue we can resolve quickly. If the affected areas are saturated with gray water, full of decaying food, microbial growth can begin within a very short time. Our technicians are trained to follow the water trail, evaluating where the plumbing leak may have migrated so that you are not surprised by additional damage after the obvious problem seems to have been solved. Once we have completed our detective work, we will devise a plan that repairs, cleans and dries out all affected areas, ready for the final touches that will bring your house back to its pre-loss condition.
We will extract any standing water and then use proper techniques to clean and dry out cabinetry, essential to curb any mold or mildew growth. SERVPRO staff is trained to remove moisture without harming hardwood or laminated under sink cupboards. The tile, wood or laminate flooring in your kitchen will also need attention, inspected carefully for leakage into the subfloor or ceiling below. Airflow and gentle application of heat as the humidity reduces will be used to dry out flooring and the structures underneath with as little residual damage as possible. Effectively completing these steps is dependent upon the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), training that each of our technicians completes before entering your home. Reversing the effects of water damage is not a do-it-yourself proposition, and we are ready to lend our expertise to make sure it is done correctly.
When your kitchen appliances fail, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is the first call you should make. Our locally based water damage restoration team is available for appointments 24/7 at (818) 244-6005.

Water Damage Professionals and Restoration Experts

8/19/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage can cause severe damage to your Glendale property.

What To Do After Water Damage Has Transpired On Your Property

Sometimes in our lives, we all need to be rescued. This is true if you experience any type of water damage. Whether significant or small, we can help your home or office if it has experienced water damage. It could be a result of a sewage problem, a water heater malfunction, an HVAC leak, a burst pipe, a fire, or a devastating storm. SERVPRO professionals are available with 24-hour emergency service. Our highly trained technicians can and will respond quickly to rescue your residential or commercial water disaster. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated company. We are close by and ready to assist our community with any size water damage restoration emergency. At SERVPRO We pride ourselves on being able to respond swiftly and efficiency to prevent further water damage to your home or business, i.e., mold growth.

Remember some of the don'ts when water damage happens: don't use a vacuum to remove water, don't use any appliances; don't leave we fabrics laying around and don't turn on any electrical ceiling fixtures. As a matter of fact, leave your property for safety sake and call us immediately. When our professional technicians arrive on the scene, they will walk through the restoration process and start restoring your home or business to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. We use state-of-the-art water removal solutions, including advanced water inspection techniques, extraction, and drying equipment.

SERVPRO has the equipment to detect hidden moisture. We can extract any standing water, thoroughly clean and completely dry out your property and its contents. We then finish the restoration job with a professional deodorization and sanitizing agent for your complete safety. Restoration is our final step. Some of our restoration steps may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet. Restoration may also require significant repairs, such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

Our highly trained Los Angeles County water removal and water cleanup technicians will also document the drying process. This helps to validate that your residential or commercial property has been dried properly and thoroughly. SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is always available when water damage help is needed. Give us a call as soon as water, mold, fire, or storm emergency occurs. Call us ASAP (818) 244-6005.

Rental Properties are often Affected by Water Damage

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In Glendale, water damage can be quickly restored with professionals who are experienced in this type of work.

Water Damage Can Affect Your Rental Properties

If you own rental properties, you know that sometimes tenants vacate a property in less-than-perfect condition. Sometimes the damages left behind are related to water. Standing water is not a common issue, but rather instead, water that has leaked inside a wall, or down along baseboards. Other times it is water damage found on bathroom floors and the ceilings below them. Kitchen floors are also affected by water damage.

This type of work is often beyond the scope of the average technician, and professional renovations and repairs are needed. This is because many times where water damage is present, the support beams under the floor have begun to rot. Mold can be another issue that most technicians are often not qualified to handle. Mishandling mold can create severe future problems that affect additional areas in the home than what was originally affected. In Glendale, water damage can be quickly restored with professionals who are experienced in this type of work.

Making sure that the water is no longer able to enter into the living space or otherwise continue leaking is our first step. Then we will use humidity sensors to locate where humidity has accumulated nearby and along natural pathways within your home's interior structures. As we inspect for humidity, we will also check for water damage. Peeling and bubbling paint, crumbling wallboard and drywall, and warped moldings are areas that we will repair. First, we will thoroughly dry these areas out with heaters and fans. After the area is dry, we will check surrounding areas for materials to match so that we can repair as closely to the original structures as possible. We want to make your property look “Like it never even happened.”

If your rental property has experienced water damage, please call us at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock at (818) 244-6005. We will repair and restore your rental housing to pre-damage condition quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage Restoration with a Personal Touch

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SERVPRO Fights Through Water Damage in Glendale.

SERVPRO Restores Your Water Damaged Property with Professionalism and Compassion

Water damage requires an immediate response, and when every minute counts, you will want experienced people you can rely on to help you, such as our trained team at SERVPRO. Emergency water damage restoration requires skill and urgency. Certified and trained to the highest industry strands, our professionals will respond right away, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to mitigate your loss and meet all the challenges with reliability, professionalism, respect and compassion.

We recognize that water damage in your Glendale property creates a devastating setback for businesses or families, so we will do whatever it takes to get back your sense of security with the least amount of disruption. Our restoration and recovery process is aimed at people and property. We are a company who you can rely on to minimize the impact of water damage and flooding.

We won’t call it quits until you think we have met or exceeded your expectations. You’ll feel that we’ve come to your rescue and see us as the experts that you expect. With compassion and knowledge, our team will respond to your emergency, understanding what an emergency water extraction needs:

Sensitivity and Urgency
Timing is critical when water is on the move. We will answer your call and jump into action whenever you need us. We recognize the emotional disruption and trauma which most people suffer, and will work professionally and fast to contain the water first.

Accurate Explanations and Assessments
Our professional staff will identify to what extent your moisture damage is, both the visible and unseen, by using hygrometers and moisture detectors along with visual inspection. We will also help you as the property owner overcome any feelings of helplessness by explaining the whole process in a way which you can understand what is going on, what to expect and how you can help as well.

Respect and Thorough Treatment
We use state of the art equipment for drying, dehumidifying, disinfecting and deodorizing, and will restore your business or home with the least amount of disruption possible so you can get back to your normal lives. We are always respectful in the way in which we handle your property – just as if it were our own, and we appreciate all of the contents of a home such as collectibles, handling furniture, sentimental artwork from children, with the utmost of care.

Promptness Counts!
When you call us right away, we will respond promptly, allowing you to save a high percentage of money on water damage claim costs. We work in the shortest amount of time possible to prevent further water damage and the growth of mold, which would only increase your restoration costs.

Do you have Glendale water damage? Make sure to call our professional staff at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock right away by dialing (818) 244-6005. You will feel "Like it never even happened."

Hire the Professionals for Residential Water Damage

6/3/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage in Los Angeles can start as a spot in your ceiling or on your floor or wall from a leak.

Professional Residential Water Damage

Water damage in Los Angeles can start as a spot in your ceiling or on your floor or wall from a leak. This can occur anywhere in your home, and although it is tempting to fix it without calling a professional, it is not a good idea. You should instead call the professionals at SERVPRO since we have the knowledge and the special tools to take care of your water damage problem correctly. Some minor leaks might be able to be repaired, especially if the source is caught early and damage is minor. However, if you are unsure of the origin of the leakage, or if the damage has already spread or become severe, which includes the growth of bacteria or mold, it will be best to get a professional evolution of your problem instead of trying to treat it on your own. Below are a few tips:

Water Leaks are Difficult to Diagnose
If you see drips, moisture spots, or puddles of water forming in your home somewhere, it is likely that a leak is causing it. While you can see the moisture on the surfaced, the problem is that the typical homeowner might not know how to find the problem’s source. You might not get to the root of the problem by treating the visible issue, when can then lead to damage unseen behind the walls or inside your structure which can be very expensive later on to repair. The professional water restoration experts at SERVPRO know how to find the source of the problem, and then we will also fix it before more damage occurs.

Water Damage can be Difficult to Treat
The exact source of the water damage might be uncertain at first, but water leakage can happen from flood damage, a malfunctioning water pipe, or a leaky roof. Even if it is a leaky pipe and it looks like the problem is pretty clear-cut, it can be difficult to repair if you as the homeowner are not familiar with various plumbing structures and materials. If you make the wrong repair or one that is inadequate, the problem will only be allowed to continue to grow unchecked, which could lead to damage which is extensive and repairs that are very costly.

Water Leakage can Cause Serious Problems
Even Los Angeles water damage that is unseen can cause health problems for you and your family from mildew and mold. This is why it is important for professional water damage restoration specialists to catch and repair your water damage early on. Water damage restoration begins many times with thoroughly drying the materials that are wet. Sections of the wall, ceiling, or floor may need to be replaced. We complete the professional water restoration process to get your home back up and running as usual.

If you encountered water damage in your residence for any reason, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, contact the specialists at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock by calling us at (818) 244-6005, we can get your dilemma fixed as soon as possible.

Eagle Rock Water Damage - Repairing Water Damage in Eagle Rock

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Eagle Rock residential water damage can be caused by everything from a plumbing issue to a major flooding event and severe weather.

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock for Water Damage Repair

Eagle Rock residential water damage can be caused by everything from a plumbing issue to a major flooding event and severe weather. When you are dealing with excessive water in your home from a minor or major event, you may wonder what it will take to restore your home to its former condition. Due to the complications that may arise from water damage, it is best to act as soon as possible to get restoration underway.

The Water Remediation Process
In order to restore your home to normal after you have suffered from Eagle Rock residential water damage, first, stop the flow of water from entering the home. This means that you must turn off the main water supply valve if you are dealing with a plumbing issue, and you may call a plumber to repair the damage. While this is an important first step to take, the next move should be to contact a water remediation company for emergency water extraction services. Powerful extraction equipment can be used to remove the standing water from the home, and additional equipment can be used to dry out the home. After all water and moisture have been removed, you can then begin the repair process so that your home is restored to its former condition.

What Happens If You Delay the Remediation Process
The longer your home remains damp from Eagle Rock residential water damage, the more likely it is that mold growth will develop. Emergency water extraction services are available around the clock to prevent mold growth from developing. Keep in mind that extensive mold growth can cause the repair process to be more costly and time-consuming, and mold can pose a health issue for the home's occupants as well as for the home's overall condition. The last item you want to grapple with is mold growth in the home, so it's wise to begin the remediation process as soon as you have stopped the flow of water from entering the home.

Why Professional Services Are Needed
Some homeowners may believe that they can remove the water from their property on their own and dry out the home with their fans. Professionals have access to advanced equipment designed to extract water and dry out the home in the fastest amount of time possible. When there is a concern for mold growth to develop, timing is critical, and professional services will yield superior results.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is a locally owned and operated company that is strategically located to provide you with the fast response for each situation. We are ready to respond to your request for service at any time of day or night. If you are dealing with Eagle Rock residential water damage, call (323) 410-0041 for a fast response from our team.

Water Damaged Los Angeles Homes- Get Rapid Help

3/23/2016 (Permalink)

Leaks That Cause This Much Water Damage Need Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Quickly Restore Your Water Damaged Home in Los Angeles

Do not treat water damage to your Los Angeles home as an afterthought. The Los Angeles area does not usually get much rain. That means the ground is dry and any flooding that does occur, from local streams or broken sewer connections, flow right into the closest home if it cannot find a culvert. Regardless of how often it does or does not occur, you need the professional services of a water damage restoration company like SERVPRO, which has a reputation for getting the job done.

The water damage that can beset Los Angeles homes can affect many things including the walls, carpets, furniture and if a burst pipe caused this damage on upper levels, ceilings, floors and inside of walls which make some of this damage invisible.

An inspection gives trained technicians the ability to find all of the water damaged areas, based on the skills and equipment maintained. While a water damage expert is inspecting the property, coordinating of the entire process is beginning.

The evaporation process, using air movers and dehumidifiers-possibly chemical and refrigerant, helps remove moisture while powerful pumps and wet vacuums are working. In the lower levels with standing water, submersible pumps (sump pumps) extract large volumes of water rapidly. The fast removal of standing water and moisture will mitigate the damages caused by secondary water damage.

After the removal of the water, SERVPRO technicians begin the cleaning and sanitizing of all affected areas of the Glendale home. Cleaning is critical as the water has left a layer of residue on it. This residue consists of dust and dirt as well as any debris it picked up on its travels. Hardwood furniture has a tendency to spot from water and needs fast attention. Our IICRC certified technicians are expert in minimizing damage by thorough cleaning using specially formulate agents developed for SERVPRO and other products.

It is recommended to dispose of anything that cannot be cleaned, completely. This consists of severely damaged throw rugs and carpets, although most of these can be saved through the use of carpet cleaner machines and skilled technicians. In the case of Black Water intrusion from groundwater or a sewage backup, these possessions must be safely wrapped and discarded to prevent cross contamination. Removal of parts of the deteriorating wallboard is essential since this porous material cannot be dried properly. SERVPRO, after the water extraction and cleaning, always attempts to restore water damaged materials rather than replacing them to expedite your return to normalcy and to lessen costs. We return your home to pre-loss condition "Like it never even happened."

It is critical to call us as soon as you know that Los Angeles water damage is ruining your property. SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is ready 24/7 and is awaiting your call at (323) 410-0041 for prompt service.

The Importance of Cleaning Up Water Damage in Atwater Village

2/15/2016 (Permalink)

Don't Allow a Leak to Become a Major Water Damaging Event

Call SERVPRO for Atwater Village Water Damage Repair

Getting the help of Atwater Village water damage cleanup services is crucial right after an emergency occurs so that everything can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. If you have experienced flooding, a speedy cleanup is imperative to prevent further damage to the structure of your building as well as the furnishings and other contents inside. Whether your flooding occurred because of a storm, a toilet overflow, a leak in your water heater or from another grave problems, getting it fixed quickly can help you salvage as much as possible from the situation. It is important to watch out for safety concerns after any flood, and it takes special tools and skills to get rid of contaminated water.

Get Help for Atwater Village Water Damage Cleanup

The first step in removing your water is finding the source of it. Specialized test equipment can find hidden water sources so that no standing water is left behind to cause future damage. Extractors can also be used. This type of machinery is designed to remove water from your flooring and upholstery promptly. Dehumidifiers can also get rid of excess moisture, and there is professional-strength drying equipment available to help make sure that your property is dried as quickly as possible.

It can also be a good idea to have your home neutralized of any odors in your carpets or furnishings. If gray or black water was involved in the water emergency, it is essential to have your property disinfected to be certain that there are no germs or bacteria left behind. It can be helpful to move furniture to prevent rusting from occurring, and it will be necessary to check your carpet padding to see if it needs to be removed to save your subfloor from further damage. You should keep checking on parts of your home that may be susceptible to water damage. Try to notice any water leaks or problems coming from your roof, bathroom, kitchen, basement or any other place in your home. The quicker you find the problem, the sooner it can get resolved. Once your home is cleaned and sanitized, you will be able to return to your normal life. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock can handle your water damage cleanup needs as quickly as possible. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the importance of a fast cleanup schedule. If a flooding emergency happens to you in Atwater Village or the surrounding areas, we are ready to remove water and clean up your property and get you back to your routine. Call us at (323) 410-0041 for reliable water damage cleanup services.

Water Damage Emergency Services In Los Angeles

9/24/2015 (Permalink)

Yes, It Will Rain Hard Again

SERVPRO is the Next Step for Water Damage Restoration to Your Los Angeles Home

When your home in Los Angeles is affected by a natural disaster, such as a flood, water damage is almost always the outcome. To ensure that you remain calm and safe in the face of water damage, it is appropriate and advantageous to obtain water damage emergency services. These services can provide you with the support and material goods necessary to ensure that you maintain your composure until your property is restored. The Red Cross is always a source to inquire about in severe water damage situation. Learn more about how securing water emergency services can assist you.

How Water Damage Emergency Services Help

Water damage emergency services can provide you with shelter, clothing and food. During this time, you will likely be hiring a team of professional contractors who will restore your property to its original state. Check with your insurance agent to see if your property is covered by the water damaging event. If it is a natural disaster such as a flood, you may not have the required coverage for reparations. Normally, water damage incurred from within the structure such as a burst pipe or sewage backup is part of your standard homeowners policy.

Restoring Your Home

Once a professional and thorough assessment and inspection have been done to evaluate the water damage, the work can begin. Professional technicians from SERVPRO will be hard at work restoring the property to its original condition.  Step one is to extract standing water from the house and eliminate residual water and moisture from the furnishing and building materials. Cleanup will remove salvageable items and trashed possessions. You will be given an inventory Utilizing Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) for documentation of your possessions. The process continues along with a complete drying and aeration of your Los Angelos home to eradicate mold and mildew. Repair of walls, ceilings, and such will be done as the salvageable personal items are cleaned according to the guidelines of the IICRC.

Getting a Referral for SERVPRO

In many cases, insurance providers can refer their clients to water damage restoration services located in their area.  SERVPRO, a nationally franchised company, has a working relationship with over 300 insurance carriers and adjusters. We will respond to your initial phone call immediately or within 5 minutes and be on the scene in Los Angeles within one hour.  We will try to make you feel "like it never even happened.

Locally Owned and Operated

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is locally owned and operated so we are part of this community Los Angelos too. When you have a water or flooding emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help, whether in Eagle Rock, Cypress Park or Silver Lake. We take pride in being a part of the Los Angeles community and want to do our part in making our community the best it can be.

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What Can Highland Park Water Damage Services Do For You?

8/18/2015 (Permalink)

As many industry experts know, secondary water damage is often more harmful to the property than the damage done by the initial flood or fire.

What Can Water Damage Services Do For You?

Following a flood or fire in your residential property, there will almost always be Highland Park water damage. When the water damage is not addressed, your home can be transformed into a site where mildew, mold, and other forms of fungi begin to live and thrive. Additionally, the water can damage the structure of your home by causing it to warp and swell. If this happens, the repair process can become more extensive and dangerous. For these reasons, it's a good idea to attain SERVPRO services after your home has been exposed to water. Highland Park water damage specialists can start the restoration processes immediately. Learn more about the benefits of attaining professional services from SERVPRO specialists by reviewing the following information:

Cleaning Services
One of the reasons that Highland Park water damage services are so efficient is that they thoroughly dry and clean your home following the flood or fire. To restore your home to its original condition, it is important for you to attain cleaning services no more than 24 hours following the onset of water damage. As many industry experts know, secondary water damage is often more harmful to the property than the damage done by the initial flood or fire. This is why hiring SERVPRO immediately is so important.

Repair Services
Following a flood or fire, your home will likely endure structural and electrical damage. Remember that your private property is probably dangerous to enter after the flood or fire. For this reason, you should not try to enter the home without the consent of an authority. When you hire a water damage specialist, you can be confident that they'll do the restorative work necessary to make your home safe to live in. Because water damage companies employ several contractors simultaneously, the organization's experts will be able to address and resolve several of the water damage issues in tandem. This will help minimize costs for you because it eliminates the need for extensive repairs.

If your house has recently suffered water damage, it is important for you to attain professional water damage services. These services can help restore order and sanitation to your private living space. When you start looking for the ideal company, consider SERVPRO. Our professionals have been offering results-driven, customized water damage services for years, and we're passionate about optimizing and expediting the restoration process. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation and put the restoration process in motion.

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SERVPRO of Eagle Rock is locally owned and operated—so we are part of this community too. We are also part of a national network of over 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large scale disasters.

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