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Water Restoration for Torrential Rain & Flooding in Eagle Rock

2/13/2023 (Permalink)

Regardless of how the storm damage entered your home, quick action is required for water removal and drying to be effective. Call SERVPRO 24/7.

You Can Rely on Our Water Restoration Services

Flooding in Eagle Rock becomes a serious risk after only a few inches of rain accumulate. Changes to the climate increase the possibility that this may happen, increasing the need for homeowners to check their flood insurance policies to ensure they have adequate coverage. Flood insurance helps alleviate the burden of costs following a groundwater incident.

Heavy rain easily creates problems for homeowners in Eagle Rock, but our water restoration crews are highly trained. They understand the ways that precipitation can harm your property. We hold IICRC certificates in different restoration areas, creating a powerful and efficient restoration team ready to work on your residence's restoration.

After a bad weather incident, either a thunderstorm or flooding, you can depend on us to:

  • Inspect for dampness in hidden areas,
  • Dry-out affected structural elements, and
  • Use controlled demolition and rebuilding methods.

Our equipment is used for different tasks – drying, cleaning, restoring, and detecting. After water breaches your house's exterior, we need to locate all instances of it. We use moisture meters, infrared imaging devices, and other equipment to find such water. As the project progresses, we also use air movers to take readings regarding how much water vapor is currently in the air.

These same air movers are important in drying out your home's interior. Keeping that water vapor moving also means it is not finding its way back into porous materials, allowing us to direct it outside and away from your family's belongings. Other types of equipment raise the temperature (heaters and one component of our InjectiDry system), clean the air of mold spores and other microbes (air scrubbers), and trap moisture as air passes through it (our desiccant machines).

Our California State License (#999460) covers general contracting for both residential and commercial projects. You can rely on us to approach your restoration needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is always ready to help with the restoration services you need. Call us at (323) 255-1000, 24/7, year-round.

Eagle Rock Homes Can Deal with Flood Damage in Crawl Spaces

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Afraid your home has been damaged by a Storm? No need to stress it, Let SERVPRO fix it.

Flood Damage in Crawl Spaces Happens in Many Ways

Rapid weather changes can bring severe storms and flash flooding to Eagle Rock and the Greater Glendale areas. When these threats occur, homes built with crawl spaces instead of slabs are at risk of damage from intruding and lingering floodwater.

Pooling Water Threats

The immediate concern of flood damage for Eagle Rock crawlspaces is the standing water in this confined area. Conventional extractors are not always feasible or sites accessible enough to use these approaches. In most cases, mitigation is a combination of several water removal tools like:

  • Wet vacuums
  • Truck-mount extractors
  • High-pressure pumps

Absorption and Saturation

Exposed building materials can absorb flood water. From the structural supports to joists under the main floor of the residence, this type of moisture damage can deteriorate structural integrity. This water exposure can damage even concrete masonry units used for columns and piers.

Persistent Moisture Concerns

Moist confined spaces create an ideal environment for mold development. With many exposed organic surfaces suitable for supporting organisms, mobile spores infest rapidly with the additional likelihood of microbial threats where bacteria or contaminants are present. Treating surfaces with antimicrobial products can deter developing colonies. 

Should You Encapsulate?

If a crawlspace or your home floods once, it is not impossible to happen again. Protecting your property from the destructive capabilities of active flooding in the crawlspace could require encapsulation procedures. SERVPRO professionals can cover exposed surfaces and the concrete or dirt flooring of the area beneath your home with thick plastic sheets. Vents are covered, and drainage tools are installed. The combination of efforts can help prevent flood recurrences.

The impact of flooding on your crawl space can be a considerable challenge for restoration and cleaning. With the fast and reliable response of our SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale professionals, we can provide long-term solutions to help. Call us at (323) 255-1000.

We Can Help If Your Glendale Home Experiences A Flood

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Reach out to SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by dialing (323) 255-1000.

A Pacific Ocean-Based Storm Can Cause Flood Damage To Your Glendale Home

Living in a city located on or near the coast always puts you at risk of suffering flood damage. A storm-gone-wrong could bring rushing tides, heavy rains, and intense winds to your door. Usually, most residents of the area can get a fair warning before the storm hits, but sometimes the weather can take a dangerous turn and unexpectedly cause damage to your home. Whenever a storm hits your home and causes damage, always reach out for help as soon as possible.

In the case of your home, the flood damage got into your Glendale home through a smashed window. Torrential rains poured throughout the night and washed into your home through the broken window, shattered when a small tree fell onto your home from the intense winds. Luckily for your home, only the window suffered the consequences of the fallen tree.

Here at SERVPRO, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Intense flooding, or just a secluded room, our Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration-certified (IICRC) techs can rush to your home as swiftly as possible. Once there, our technicians can immediately begin to extract the stagnant water using advanced technological devices, such as extractors and wet/dry vacuums, to minimize the water damage inside your home. Getting the water out can reduce the chances of mold damage developing, as well as other problems.

When the water has been extracted, we can make flood cuts along the walls to remove any damaged material. Doing this can ensure that the chance of microbial growth is further squashed. Afterward, SERVPRO can then set up drying equipment to draw any excess moisture out of the structure of your home, using devices such as dehumidifiers, heaters, and axial fans to do so. Once the remediation is finished, we hope to return your home to you “Like it never even happened.”

If you need fast help with the flood damage in your home, call for it immediately. Reach out to SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale by dialing (323) 255-1000. Night or day, we’re ready to help.

Common FAQs about Restoring Storm Damage in Glendale Homes

7/13/2022 (Permalink)

Flood damage can be particularly devastating. Call SERVPRO after you have gotten to safety.

Knowing the Steps that will be Followed During the Remediation Process Can Help You with Expectations

If you are dealing with the horrible aftermath of flooding caused by heavy weather or storms, the last thing you want is to worry about repairs. You need a restoration company that is knowledgeable, sensitive, and willing to get the job done quickly while also keeping you in the loop when needed.

This is what the experts at SERVPRO can offer you. We have many years of experience dealing with storm damage in Glendale homes, and we can get repairs started fast. You can be as involved as you like. Our technicians will keep you informed, but they can also work reliably and independently if you are busy handling insurance claims and filing papers.

Here are some common questions from homeowners to give you an idea of what to expect from the SERVPRO restoration team.

How Is the Water Removed from My House?

We have access to industrial-sized pumping devices. They can be used to extract large amounts of water from flooded areas so they can be disposed of safely. This process is essential as repairs can only begin once the affected area is free of standing water. Our pumps come in all shapes and sizes, so even awkward areas like crawlspaces can be emptied and prepped for restoration.

Why Do You Need to Lift My Carpet?

This is called ‘floating’ the carpet. The SERVPRO technicians gently lift the material up by a small amount so that they can slot a blower underneath. It circulates clean, dry air and helps the carpet to dry faster. Crucially, it also dries out any subflooring underneath the main carpet. If this isn’t done and the subflooring remains damp, the moisture will only reappear and cause further damage.

What Type of Dehumidifier Will You Use?

We utilize four different types of dehumidifiers that are all suited to particular jobs. For instance, desiccant varieties are highly effective in cold climates but don’t work as well around high temperatures. For this reason, they are better used in mostly uninhabited areas like crawlspaces and basements. The type of machine that we use will depend entirely on what materials are being dried and their current condition. The final decision can be made after a thorough inspection.

Do You Monitor the Drying Process?

The dehumidifiers and other drying machines will be regularly checked for drying progress. Often, the technicians have to wait for the affected space to be entirely dry before they can start cleaning and repairs. They may leave you for several evenings with instructions about working around the blowers and dryers while they are not onsite.

These are just some of the basics of storm and water damage restoration. There is lots more to learn if you want additional information. SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale is based in your local area. We respond to requests for emergency restoration as soon as we receive them. Call us 24/7 at (323) 255-1000.

Safety Precautions During Flood Damage Remediation in Your Glendale Home

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Flooding can eat away at the contents and structure of the home. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal effort. Our team is here 365 days a year.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Restore Your Home after a Flood

Flooding can occur no matter where you reside. Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to prevent flood damage to your Glendale home. Floods can happen when the capacity of the existing drainage system is overwhelmed by water runoff. Heavy rains can also enter buildings through windows, doors, or cracks in the foundation. You may not be able to prevent floodwaters from getting into your home entirely, but there are actions you can take to minimize the damage.

Investing in a sump pump, rain gutters and sandbags for your Glendale home are just a few precautions you can use. When the floodwaters still get in, however, you need to have the flood damage handled right away. The longer the water sits, the more damage is done, so reach out to our professional SERVPRO staff. We have the tools and experience to get the water out of your home promptly.

Since floods can cause significant damage to a building, storm-damaged structures can pose hazards. Long-term exposure to water can weaken materials like drywall and flooring, which creates a danger for everyone. We look for structural hazards before we proceed with water mitigation and restoration. We have you and your family stay out of the home until we are sure it is safe. In cases that are extreme, an engineer may need to inspect the building.

If there is any sign of a gas leak, we leave and call the local gas company or fire department right away. If water was able to enter from above, we check for trapped water in the ceiling. Drywall softens when wet, and ceilings could fall onto you or our workers. We drill weep holes to free the water that is trapped in the ceiling.

Particle board floors which have been exposed to water might not support the weight of people or machines. We examine the subfloor to figure out what it is made of and how stable it is. We also watch out for any exposed nails, broken glass, splinters, or other sharp objects that could be present in the water and the water damaged structure.

Above all else, SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale wants to make sure you and our workers are safe as we restore your home in Atwater Village, Highland Park, or Eagle Rock. Give us a call at (323) 255-1000 as soon as floodwaters have invaded your home so we can help you dry out again.

Storm Damage Emergency Services In Los Angeles

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale be your next step after storm damage.

SERVPRO is the Next Step for Water Damage Restoration to Your Los Angeles Home

Water damage emergency services can provide you with shelter, clothing, and food. You will likely be hiring a team of professional contractors who will restore your property to its original state during this time. Check with your insurance agent to see if the damaging water event covers your property. If it is a natural disaster such as a flood, you may not have the required coverage for reparations. Normally, water damage incurred from within the structure, such as a burst pipe or sewage backup, is part of your standard homeowner's policy. 

When your home in Los Angeles is affected by a natural disaster, such as a flood, water damage is almost always the outcome. To ensure that you remain calm and safe in the face of water damage, it is appropriate and advantageous to obtain water damage emergency services. These services can provide you with the support and material goods necessary to ensure that you maintain your composure until your property is restored. The Red Cross is always a source to inquire about in severe water damage situations. Learn more about how securing water emergency services can assist you.

Restoring Your Home

Once a professional and thorough assessment and inspection have been done to evaluate the water damage, the work can begin. Experienced technicians from SERVPRO will be hard at work restoring the property to its original condition. Step one extracts standing water from the house and eliminates residual water and moisture from the furnishing and building materials. Cleanup will remove salvageable items and trashed possessions. You will be given an inventory Utilizing Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) for documentation of your possessions. The process continues along with a complete drying and aeration of your Los Angeles home to eradicate mold and mildew. Repair of walls, ceilings, and such will be done as the salvageable personal items are cleaned according to the guidelines of the IICRC.

Getting a Referral for SERVPRO

In many cases, insurance providers can refer their clients to water damage restoration services located in their area. SERVPRO, a nationally franchised company, has a working relationship with over 300 insurance carriers and adjusters. We will respond to your initial phone call immediately or within 5 minutes and be on the scene in Los Angeles within one hour. We will try to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. We take pride in being a part of the Los Angeles community and want to do our part in making our community the best it can be. Call for immediate assistance (323) 255-1000.

Eliminating Flood Damage In Glendale

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

It is essential to address the situation as soon as possible after your home has sustained flood damage.

Eliminating Flood Damage Contaminants From a Glendale Home

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, flooding leads to more than $40 Billion in damages per year. The United States alone comprises 20% of this damage at an $8 billion annual average. Many areas of California may get only half or less of the 38" rainfall average, but flooding from the Los Angeles River can still affect your home.

If your Glendale home endures flood damage and needs an emergency response team, SERVPRO technicians are ready to extract moisture, sanitize your home, and preserve its contents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This SERVPRO team is also licensed to provide general and residential contracting services to restore your home (#999460), as well as mold remediation in the event of microbial growth due to floodwaters (#CMRC-82464).

What Makes Floodwaters Hazardous

Flooding presents a diverse array of risks for homeowners to avoid, in their homes and on the road, including:

  • Damaged infrastructure, such as downed power lines
  • Sewage and livestock waste
  • Industrial by-products such as household cleaners, medical waste, and industrial chemicals
  • Displaced rodents and insects
  • Physical obstructions including lumber and vehicles

With that in mind, how can you protect yourself? The ideal solution is to stay out of the water. However, if you do have to cross through floodwaters, you can take precautions to minimize risk. These include wearing nonporous clothing like rubber boots and gloves, sterilizing wet clothes after use, and sanitizing any injuries, no matter how small, as soon as possible.

SERVPRO's Sanitation Tools & Techniques

SERVPRO techs may directly spray down surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant depending on the extent of flooding. If waters have receded and saturated walls and flooring, removing contaminants and porous materials that have absorbed floodwaters is a must for maintaining sanitary conditions. Sheetrock or drywall affected by flooding is typically cut out starting at twelve inches above water levels and is replaced during the reconstruction process.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale saves structures and contents with mitigation that keeps it looking "Like it never even happened." Call (323) 255-1000 for service that starts within hours of your initial contact.

We Just Had Flooding From a Storm in Eagle Rock. How Can I Clean it Up?

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the equipment and knowledge for any size storm and flood damage restoration service needed for your home.

Flood Damage is No Match for our Skilled Team at SERVPRO; call Us to Restore Your Eagle Rock Home!

During or after a storm in Eagle Rock, flooding can send water throughout your interior in several ways. Water could breach the roof, come into openings at doorways, or push through your main level. It is imperative you seek the assistance you need fast to stop the water from migrating into other areas. This is where our team at SERVPRO can spring into action once you call to deploy a crew to your property.

What Determines the Level of Damage with Flooding?

If flood damage in Eagle Rock is present after a storm, there are several ways that it may impact your property. These factors generally include:

  • Any access points where the water made its way inside
  • The total volume of the water involved in your flood damage
  • The length of time that your property and belongings have been saturated or submerged

Looking at all of these factors, it is easy to see why proper assessment of the incident is imperative. This allows our skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) to formulate the best strategy for safely and efficiently removing water and facilitating the drying process within your Eagle Rock home.

What Has the Biggest Impact on My Home During a Flooding Incident?

While each flood incident remains unique, the water volume and how long it remains in the home play a significant role in the level of damage. This is why our skilled crew works as diligently as possible to extract standing floodwater, thus helping to minimize impact wherever possible. Immediate water extraction may not always be possible, which is why we do a thorough evaluation to determine the best measures to take. Some of the reasons that extraction could get delayed include:

  •   Floodwater located outside your home has yet to recede
  •   The potential for causing additional damage when starting too soon
  •   Issues with finding the right point of disposal 

There are times when the removal of stormwater or flooding can have harmful effects. For example, if your home happens to have a basement, removing water too quickly can destabilize the walls of the foundation.

The removal of interior water before the area surrounding your home sees a recession of floodwater may not be feasible. The last thing any homeowner wants is for water to begin seeping back inside. In some situations, it is better to wait so that the groundwater outside has the chance to recede before extraction begins. Our skilled IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO know how to navigate all possible obstacles that might be in the way. For example, if the water outside has yet to recede, we take other measures to pack out your belongings from the damaged zone to keep them safe from water saturation.

How Long will Flood Removal Take?

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter guideline for water extraction during or after a flood because each situation presents differently. Our trained crew has the experience, and we know how to adapt to provide you with the most realistic time estimate possible. We take into consideration a variety of factors, including:

  •   All water intrusion points
  •   The size of your property
  •   Extraction equipment efficiency
  •   The contents within your home

The larger your property or, the more rooms you have, the more potential for water migration. Additionally, significant contents like appliances or bulky furniture may hamper movement during the removal process, which might delay your extraction.

Why Do I Need SERVPRO for Flood Water Removal?

Our level of preparedness for flood damage situations is unparalleled. We have worked on countless flooding incidents and a variety of water damage jobs that have given us the experience necessary to get your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our skilled crew knows the best ways to tackle a variety of tasks that could pop during the restoration. We know the proper steps to avoid them while also eliminating unnecessary delays.

  • Our crews come equipped with a range of extraction equipment to handle any water extraction challenges.
  • We can remove high volumes of water and detect hidden areas of moisture that could harbor mold growth.
  • Standard equipment on our Green Fleet includes specialized cavity extractors like our Injectidry system as well as truck-mounted extractors with the ability to pull hundreds to thousands of gallons of water from your home.

In some instances, controlled demolition is necessary to ensure all damaged building materials get removed from your home. Flood cuts may be made several inches above the waterline, or vent holes get punched into the walls to allow water to escape the cavity for adequate drying. All of this gets wrapped up with new materials for a finished look, and your entire interior is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to make it like new again.

To have a crew deployed to your home to assess flood damage, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/South Glendale today at (323) 255-1000.

Basement Flood Damage in a Glendale Home Threatens the Whole Home

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs are trained and experienced in all phases of storm damage remediation. Call now for the help you need.

Timely Flood Restoration Helps Glendale Homeowners Mitigate their Loss

Glendale homeowners need to be on their toes as far as weather events go. Extreme drought has its consequences, but storms can also cause severe water damage. Whether stormwater seeps through a window or exhibits a ceiling leak, getting rid of it and cleaning up in its wake is very important to preserve your home. Calling a professional water restoration team is the first step in assessing the damage and initiating a successful water restoration job.

In Glendale, let flood damage be a thing of the past by enlisting our help. At SERVPRO, we are proud to bring the latest technology to our jobs and the latest techniques in water damage and restoration. When you call our 24/7 line, you can expect a crew of certified technicians to apply their expertise and resolve the specific needs of your home. Water extraction, cleaning, and deodorizing are all within our scope of work, and it starts by finding hidden pockets of water. To control moisture levels, we make decisions based on the readings provided by the following-

The information we glean from these devices helps us determine which tools to use, including submersible pumps and wand extractors. It also helps us preserve hardwood flooring by identifying where problem areas lie and controlling possible buckling due to excess humidity. Through the process, our SERVPRO crew can also perform repairs, including drywall replacement and carpet removal.

Our team at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/ South Glendale is ready to help as soon as a disaster happens. Call us at (323) 255-1000 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Restore My Glendale Home After A Flood?

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Storms can bring flooding and water damage. The professionals at SERVPRO are always on call to handle your water damage restoration needs.

Hire SERVPRO Restoration Teams to Clean and Restore Your Glendale Home

Every Glendale home suffers after a disaster of any kind. Flooding, though, continues to cause problems until all of the water and the soaked, damaged property is removed from the home.

All SERVPRO has to do is Pump Out the Water, Right?

No, stopping Glendale flood damage only starts with water removal. SERVPRO technicians use the latest equipment available to rapidly pump out flooding from your home, but that won’t eliminate every threat. Our team members also draw water out of personal and structural property like sofas and wall panels, dispose of items too damaged for restoration, and spray every affected surface with an antibacterial agent to reduce threats and stop mold growth.

How Do You Get Water Out of Walls?

For paneling, technicians use the following devices to remove trapped moisture:

  • Air movers that generate a warm airflow which carefully pushes moisture out into the air without cracking or splitting drywall and other panels.
  • Fans to draw the cool, moisture-filled air away from affected rooms, which speeds up the natural evaporation rate.
  • Dehumidifiers to pull water out of the air, which increases the efficiency of the other devices.

Our restoration teams also use these devices to dry out sofas and other furniture. Team members place each piece on blocks or pallets and use the fans to increase air circulation all around them.

Why Is Flood Water a Risk?

Water that flows in from outside carries soil and other contaminants. SERVPRO technicians spray every surface affected by the flood to neutralize bacteria. This action, along with removing the water, also helps to reduce the possibility of mold growing inside your home, causing another disaster as we eliminate the first one.

Call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale today at (323) 255-1000 to get started on removing flood water. We are here to help you return your residence into your home once again.