What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Cleaned restaurant after fire.  Very clean. No smoke smell.  Thank you SERVPRO we will use you again.

The firefighters certainly did a good job putting out the fire in our house, but they used plenty of water to do so. I shouldn't have worried, however, as this team ensured that all types of damage were repaired and the home restored. Thanks.

A+ service thank you so much. I lost a lot of sleep over the fire, but SERVPRO helped out with that. The home looks great, maybe even better than it did before.

Fantastic service, thank you so much! Our living room was all but destroyed by a fire, and the damage was only compounded by the hoses used to put it out. Your team managed to clean up not only the ash and smoke stains, but also the nasty water damage that came with it. Thanks!

My dryer caught on fire and had smoke everywhere and my laundry room was full of soot. I looked online and saw the reviews on the Internet of SERVPRO. At first i was didn't believe it so i called Bert for an estimate. He came out within an hour and he knew exactly what i wanted done and he got his techs here to clean it and fix all the damage. They were very professional.

I was cooking while my clothes were drying I start to smell smoke and walk to the laundry room. My dryer had caught on fire. I went online and found SERVPRO. They came out here and they removed all the smoke from my walls and counters. I was pleased were the work and how fast they were.

Thank you