Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dehumidifier near partially removed floorboards and demolished counters with the hose attached to a sealed plastic bin

Removing Los Angeles Water Damage with Dehumidification

SERVPRO technicians responded to this Los Angeles property’s water cleanup needs with mitigation tools like the dehumidifier shown in the photo. These units remove excess water from floors, subfloors, and counters. Floorboards are replaceable after drying.

SERVPRO air scrubbers and drying equipment operating in a commercial warehouse space

Oxnard Commercial Water Mitigation by SERVPRO

In this photo, water remediation technicians at SERVPRO responded to the Oxnard facility with drying and dehumidification, which lowers relative humidity while expelling warm, dry air. This process is essential for structural drying and increases the salvageability of contents.

Visible debris on floor near wet wall framing, subfloor, and partially-removed flooring

Water Damage Debris Removal in Eagle Rock / South Glendale

The Eagle Rock / South Glendale property’s flooring, walls, and subfloor were impacted by water damage. Drywall crumbled in the area shown in the photo requires cleanup by SERVPRO techs before they dry the moisture in framing and subfloors.

Water Damage In Eagle Rock

We responded to a call regarding a water damage incident at a home in Eagle Rock. Our experts used the floor mat drying system to remove the moisture trapped beneath the hardwood floor. The excess moisture is drawn out through the vacuum mats and replaced by the dry ambient air. We will have this property restore to pre-damage quickly and efficiently. Our team at SERVPRO of Eagle Rock / South Glendale will make it Like it never even happened.”

Glendale Significant Water Damage

A ruptured water heater supply line inundated this finished basement of a Glendale property. The standing water soaked into the carpeting, baseboards, and drywall panels. These non-salvageable items were demolished and discarded according to local codes. The air movers that are pictured in the post-demo phase are helping to complete the removal of excess moisture.

Flood Damage at Los Angeles Library

Flood damage at this Los Angeles Library presented an emergency water damage condition. Many books and papers were in danger of being destroyed if we were unable to clean up water immediately. SERVPORO utilized commercial grade water removal equipment to rapidly remove standing water from the library. The photo shows commercial Air Movers and Dehumidification equipment, which further aided the preservation of the contents. If your commercial facility or your home becomes flooded, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock 24/7 at (323) 410-0041.

Bathroom Flood

Our machines hard at work drying the bathroom after a water leak. A toilet supply line broke, and water ran most of the weekend, flooding the bathroom.  Fortunately, a floor drain prevented it from flooding the entire building.

Water Removal

Here's one of our technicians extracting water from an office building in downtown Glendale that was flooded by a burst fire sprinkler line.  We had most of the water out within just a few hours, and the business was back up and operating by that afternoon.

Sewage Clean up

This picture is of a sewage back up in the bathroom of one of our customer’s home. It shows the steps that the techs in SERVPRO of Eagle Rock take to clean a sewage job. We make it "Like it never even happened."

Sewage back up

Like if not bad enough to have Water damage this home owner came home to a sewage back up. Not to worry we were out there within an hour and we had to remove some contaminated material but her bathroom turned out awesome at the end of the job. As we like to say "Like it never even happened." We clean, remove, and replace.

Sewage Back Up

This was from start to finish of a sewage back up. The owner of this building was amazed how fast SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/ S. Glendale got Techs there to start extracting, power wash, and set up equipment to start drying process. SERVPRO of Eagle Rock/S. Glendale kept our word "Like it never even happened".