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SERVPRO’s quick service means love and attention

4/29/2015 (Permalink)

143 = I love you

Sometimes well get that in a text

Sometimes someone will say it in passing

But it really doesn’t matter how we receive 143, we all know it means I love you

And for that moment it makes us feel special and cared for

That we are important

And thats what matters, the feelings invoked by those simple numbers or words.

Who doesn’t love being loved?


Well, at SERVPRO, we have our own 143. It’s our 148 Service Response Guidelines

1 - Within one hour from the notice of your loss, we will contact you to arrange for service.

4 - Within four hours of the loss notification, we will be on site

8 - Within eight business hours you will know what’s going on and what we are going to do for you.

We will not leave you waiting around after you’ve contacted us for help. We will be there as soon as we can, traffic willing, since we are in Los Angeles, but nothing will stop us from getting to you as soon as possible to help with your water damage or fire emergency. We communicate with you, so you know what is going on during the restoration process. Basically, our 148 is 143. We love our customers, and we understand that this situation is serious to you. We will give you all of our attention and care.

So when an emergency hits, call SERVPRO of Eagle Rock. We are here to help. We’ve got all the love and attention you need to feel assured that we are taking care of you and your property in a timely matter.