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SERVPRO Provides Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to the Eagle Rock Community

This video is a great demonstration of how Eagle Rock customers benefit from the cleaning equipment used by the professionally trained and certified team from SERVPRO. In the background, stacks of dirty, soiled cushions and upholstered furniture can be seen as part of the workload of that day for the techs.

Learning How SERVPRO Equipment Works for Jobs in Eagle Rock

SERVPRO techs enjoy sharing and educating customers about how their advanced cleaning equipment works and how cleaning agents and deodorizers are chosen. The applications are used to restore upholstered furnishings in Eagle Rock homes. Yearly cleaning can get rid of spots and stains that may occur as well as refresh the piece.

SERVPRO of Eagle Rock wants to educate customers about the equipment, cleaners, deodorizers, and processes used to clean soiled and stained upholstery. This demonstration video is easy to follow and full of information for those who are considering professional upholstery cleaning. As the video shows, there are three main components to upholstery cleaning furniture or cushions from an Eagle Rock property. The cleaning agents used in this video demonstration by SERVPRO techs are warm water, a concentrated cleanser, and an orange-based citrus deodorizing solution.

The video shows how the water in the tank gets warmed by a heating element operating by a separate, stand-alone switch. The warm water is necessary as it accelerates the cleaning action of the cleanser and deodorizing solutions. The techs know how to measure the proper amounts for the machine according to the task at hand. Every cleaning job SERVPRO technicians take on in Eagle Rock is unique and requires different measurements and treatments for the best outcome.

The SERVPRO technicians demonstrate how another switch activates a spraying function, and the technicians show how this works to clean soiled upholstery. The SERVPRO tech applies warm water mixed with the cleaning and deodorizing solution via a handheld wand. As the solution covers the dirty cushion, as seen in the video, this is the pre-soak to cause dirt, soil, grease, and grime to loosen. Then, the technicians turn on a third switch that activates a powerful vacuum feature on the unit. The suction pulls up the pre-soak mixture along with the dirt and grime out of the fibers of the upholstery. This wastewater goes into a separate holding tank on the cleaner, so the SERVPRO techs are always putting only cleaning agents mixed with clean, warm water on the Eagle Rock items that are undergoing restorative cleaning.

Getting Eagle Rock Furnishings Professionally Cleaned by SERVPRO

SERVPRO technicians show the difference between what consumer-grade cleaners and professional equipment and solutions can do for Eagle Rock furnishings. Over-the-counter cleaning products can cause damage through shrinkage of fibers, bleeding of dyes, or bleaching. There are machines that homeowners can rent but run the risk of applying too much cleaner or water which can cause water damage to the wood joints or harm to the upholstery fabric. SERVPRO techs avoid this by taking the time to test the fibers of upholstery fabric before any cleaning actions begin to make sure every single time the job gets done perfectly to the client's satisfaction.