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Out-of-Control Mold Damage Can Ruin Clothing and Household Items in Glendale

10/17/2016 (Permalink)

Mold can quickly grow from even a slight rise in available moisture.

Clothing and Household Items in Glendale Can Get Ruined From Out-of-Control Mold Damage

Mold doesn't grow only on bathroom walls and under kitchen sinks. It can be found anywhere that spores land that has moisture or humidity, organic materials, and little or no sunlight. There are many places in the typical home that meet these conditions. Mold does not need much space to grow in and can grow in cracks in older wood or even concrete. It can grow on paneling or even painted walls in the back part of dark closets. Placing shoes or boots in a closet while they are still moist from either outside weather, such as snow or rainwater, or even perspiration during the summer can provide enough moisture to allow mold to start flourishing. Mold growing can quickly spread to garments hanging in your closets.

Homeowners should know that mold damage in their Glendale home can be prevented, but sometimes there is an unexpected rise in moisture in a small area that can lead to problems. If your home has started to develop an odor that you can't quite figure out, it may be indicative of mold growing somewhere in your home. Families are very busy these days, and many times, people are sidetracked, and forget to take care of things that aren't a part of their routine. Your teen daughter giving a friend a haircut in her bedroom can lead to both of them forgetting the damp towel they've used, and it being pushed under the bed. Mold can then begin to grow on the underside of her bed, and on anything else that has been left underneath, as well.

Mold can quickly grow from even a slight rise in available moisture. A dishrag under the kitchen sink can create the same situation, as can sponges. This is because there is little airflow under a sink when the cabinet doors are closed. The conditions found under beds can often be very similar to those found under sinks.

When conditions favor mold, the mold spores present in your home can quickly begin growing. Left undisturbed, they will soon begin to produce their signature scent – musky, damp, and very pungent at times. Because all homes have mold to one degree or another, even without having a mold problem, it is the control of humidity that is essential to keeping mold from growing in the first place. SERVPRO Professionals follow both EPA guidelines and IICRC protocols in the task of mold remediation. This leads to a cleaner home, that is free of excess mold and results in a healthier environment for your family. Our professionals can show you ways to control the humidity levels in your home so that mold will not return.


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